Teach Kids to Make Candles

how to make candles at home

There are many more candle variations available on the market today for house decoration. Beautiful home décor items like decorative candles add warmth and closeness to enhance outdoor spaces. Read through these simple step-by-step DIY projects for kids to manufacture candles at home.

So, show your children how to make candles at home. These lovely candles are simple to create and a wonderful addition to any decor.

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How to make candles at home? DIY candle making for kids.

With just a few easy steps, your children can create a stunning work of art in the form of candle making ideas:

Materials required to make Candles at Home

  • Wax
  • Crayon colours
  • wicks
  • Any shaped container
  • Essential oil (optional)

What to do to make a DIY candle – Step by step candle making for kids

  1. Install the wick – Put your wick in the proper container before adding the wax. We would like to reuse an empty candle jar that has already been used because it is both economical and environmentally beneficial!
  2. Warm the Wax – Put the pot in position over a heat source, such as an electric burner or hot plate. Wax should be added and allowed to melt. If desired, colour and aroma can be added to the wax that has melted in the pot.
  3. Transfer the wax – Hot wax should be carefully poured into the container. Keep the wick in place by using skewers or popsicle sticks. After letting the wax cool fully, cut the wick to the proper length.

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How to make candles?

Candle Making Ideas

For various occasions, you could require different candles. Elegant candles can add a festive atmosphere and lovely décor to those occasions. Using helpful DIY project guides as your inspiration, you can make your own candles and we will tell you how to make candles at home. A few best candle making ideas are made from the following ways:

The candle wax: For making candles from scratch, a variety of waxes are available, including paraffin, soy wax, and beeswax. Making candles is as simple as selecting one wax. Additionally, you can utilise the unused wax in your own home. This is one of the best ways to make candles at home.

The candle wicks. Finding the proper candle wicks can be a little challenging. There are several factors to consider, including the type of wick (wood wicks, cotton wicks, etc.), the size of the wick (length, thickness), and many more. Therefore, as a beginner, we advise you to purchase a candle-making kit that contains wicks.

The candle containers. That is where your creativity comes from how to make candles at home. You can use the candle jars or tins already included in the candle making kit. Also, it’s a good idea out of all candle making ideas to reuse the candle containers you previously bought or repurpose the mason jars, jam jars, old skincare pots, glass bottles, mugs, or even a tiny ceramic flower pot that you previously planted a succulent plant. Use your imagination. Just make sure the containers you choose are heat-safe (glass, metal, or ceramic).

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Candle Craft Ideas

Craft a Paper Candle with Scissors

This is a simple paper candle activity that just requires basic supplies like glue and scissors to put together. Paper towels also work because they’re robust enough without being too thick or thin, though you may use any type of paper you like (construction or origami). The procedures for creating this one are as follows:

1- Cut out your foundation shape from the paper you’re using first. Remember that not all materials will be able to contain light, so make sure it has a lot of holes around the borders so there will be space when we put lights inside later!

2- When cutting out your pieces, check to make sure they don’t have any extra sharp edges hanging out; these could pierce other people’s fingers.

3- After you’re finished, fold over another sheet of origami paper as shown below, following the directions that the professors gave you earlier in class (this step is optional but strongly advised). Folding the two sections over while matching their centres against one another and then pressing down firmly along both sides to join them.

4- Repeat steps 4c and 4d until all 8 parts have been securely glued together within themselves. After joining those two halves together, fold over twice more so that there are three folds between them rather than just one as there was previously.

Paper Cup Luminary

Materials for a paper cup luminary are paper, glue, scissors, and a cup or Mason jar. Most innovative Candle craft ideas like these make your kid very fluid.

Instructions for creating a paper cup luminary at home:

  • Remove the cup’s top, leaving a small opening for the candle. Then, using construction paper in three different colours, cut three circles: a large circle, a medium-sized circle, and a little circle.
  • On either side of your jar, use glue to create constellations using your stars (the Big Dipper is a perennial favourite).
  • You will need four strips of red-orange tissue paper, so cut two more pieces that are slightly larger than the first two while remaining short enough to fit inside the jar once they are folded over into cones (see the example in the photo above).
  • Use string or yarn to tie each strip around its corresponding cone, and then cut off any excess hanging below the point where it will be inserted into the lid later. You are now prepared for assembly!
  • Then, push through the aperture from the bottom up until it is snug once more with both layers facing outward against the interior surface just below the rim line.

Pencil Candles

Candle craft ideas like making crayon candles are simple. Crayons, a candle, and a candle holder are required. With the help of your candle, melt the crayon wax until it becomes liquid. Be patient because this may take some time. Then, pour this wax that has melted into a candy mould, or an empty tin can (ideally one that can retain water). To ensure that the wax mixture stands upright when placed on a level surface like a table or countertop, the tin can be partly filled with water before you pour in the wax mixture. If you have any extra crayon bits, scatter them around the tin can in various locations to make patterns both around and on top of them.

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In the Euroschool If your child enjoys candle design, you probably already know that DIY projects are a popular option for making candles that are lovely and distinctive. While DIY projects can be rewarding, it can be challenging to find one that is enjoyable and straightforward. We make learning fun and simple for children.

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