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Tips for engaging children in arts and music

Engaging children in arts and music

Have you ever wondered what art and music is for us? Art is something that is created by using emotions and feelings and produces something that depicts what we want to express in the form of pictures, portraits, sculptures, and much more. Music is a huge umbrella and can fill an entire library if written in words. The heart connects to one’s inner self through music. Music is divine and refreshing.

Music is a mood changer, and it lightens up a moment for any listener, be it a kid or an adult. What matters is how music helps us to be the better version of ourselves and helps each one of us to develop and connect our brain and heart in the most unique way possible. Today, we are going to learn about the benefits of engaging children in art and music.

First of all, we must understand how kids respond to any new hobby that they are asked to engage in. Parents nowadays receive different inputs from children because kids no longer want a one-size-fits-all approach. Kids now seek unique experiences. Hence, as parents, it is important that you understand what form of art and music kids like or would want to explore from this side of the world for themselves.

We need to display love for art and music, so children follow as the first thing to inculcate in their lives. If we find ourselves to be not so artistic people and not great singers or musicians, it is alright. Because the key is to start showing children that you are trying to engage in something that you like by setting an example for them. As kids, we all have imitated our parents. We would have noticed that our behavior is similar to that of our parents. So, in order to ensure there is musical development in early childhood, we must ensure that we start singing or at least humming to children and put up pictures of art around the house.

Here are a few examples of how, as a family, one can help with musical development in early childhood and engage them in art and music:

  1. Listening to music together: Some calm music can really soothe the ears. The choice of songs has an impact on musical development in early childhood. So ensure the choice of music is simple and the beat is steady, specifically when it comes to toddlers.
  1. Moving to music together: When you and your child move to music, as a parent, you will understand and realize the genre of music to choose for your child. Once you understand this, teaching your child music becomes effortless. It is a human tendency that when we like something, that activity becomes integrated into our lives.
  2. Talking about ideas and thoughts: The most important ingredient to produce the best form of art is the flow of one’s thoughts. It is very important that as a family, you must initiate conversations about how the child feels and direct their thoughts to art so that children can showcase how they feel and think. Children’s art can also be an unspoken form of communication.
  3. Making up a story: Giving children the stage to talk about different stories and being creative is an art in itself, which is called storytelling. There are different groups to choose from to let children be a part of, to enhance the way they think. One can never know that a successful author, writer, or a poet can be made out of a child who is just learning to talk and who thinks differently about the diverse topics this world has to offer.
  4. Engaging in art festivals and cultural activities: You can register children for an art fest or a competition that involves the creation of art, such as a portrait-making competition, drawing landscapes, and sceneries.

Just some mountains and a sun with water flowing through the mountains was the most common scenery as kids we all created, but when kids see the art that other children have created in art festivals and cultural competitions, it enhances their ability to think out of the box and also encourages them to know more about the diverse culture around them.

Dedicating at least an hour in a day to learn a new art or play a new instrument can make arts and music imperative for students. One must have heard the saying that when a pet chooses you, they make you their own, the same theory applies to art and music as well. A form of art or a genre of music chooses you and becomes your own.

Arts and music for students, if we make it necessary, can give them a new meaning to being creative. It could be something to look forward to each day, which students can relate to and find helpful in reducing stress, especially during times when stress is at its peak. It could be related to studies or anything else that hinders them from reaching their full potential. Many times, we do not realize what we like unless we try it for the first time. Just as we would not know how deep the waters are until we put our feet in them. So go ahead and give your kids the complete support they need to get their talent out of the closet.

As parents, you could start by dedicating a wall in the house to make kids the next Picasso. You can choose washable paints on the wall and let the wall be their canvas. In doing so, the world is their canvas, and with your support and all the art supplies that they need, such as colours, brushes, and other equipment, it will make them capable of reaching the heights of art and music and ensure musical development in early childhood as well.

Another important aspect of knowing the right form of art and music is by displaying pictures, videos of plays, or artists playing instruments. These act as motivation or inspiration. Arts and music for students are not just about the traditional activities like colouring, painting, or playing an instrument. It is also about the art of public speaking, essay writing, and participating in elocution.

People consider representing their institution at the district-level and state-level competitions and talking about diverse matters of concern that this world is facing is an art in itself, this will help increase awareness in people. When we read books about music to our children and send them to music schools it prepares them for the real world.

Some kids elevate their achievements to the next level when they form a band of musicians and start pursuing their passion for music. They create their own music, compose songs, and write lyrics that deeply resonate with people. Using the power of social media is now a common practice, and every child has the potential to become a celebrity. Therefore, we can say that engaging children in arts and music can lead them to success if they decide to turn their passion into their profession.

At EuroSchool, engaging children in arts and music is of importance. We want to ensure a child’s development happens in an artistic and musical manner to showcase their skills and talents in the most unique way to the world outside.

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