Tips for Senior Secondary Students for Tackling Homework

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As a senior secondary student, you come home from school, and you promise yourself that you would take a small 30-minute break, but those few minutes turn into a few hours and before you know it, it’s time for bed. Now you take a look at your calendar for the week and you are shocked because you have 4 homework assignments pending and they need to be submitted the next day.

This is because you forgot that you have been stockpiling your work. When you get an assignment, you just put it in your calendar and forget it. Now you begin to panic and stay up late into the night trying to complete the homework assignments, but you are too tired to concentrate.

Have you ever experienced this, or do you now struggle with completing your homework assignments or online homework? If yes, then let’s not cry over the spilled milk as we have some tips to tackle the homework for senior secondary students. But before that, you should know about the positive effects of homework.

Reinforce learning:

The fundamental idea behind homework for students is that it gives students the chance to practise and reinforce what they have learned in class. Studies show that homework for students has a positive effect on their academic success, especially the students in classes 7-12 and more homework for students generally leads to higher achievement.

It also states that giving homework to students every day is necessary for reviewing and reinforcing the material covered in class, preparing for upcoming classes, and also to develop their skills.

We should also consider the fact that the connection between homework and academic success is based on the type of homework assigned, the age and ability level of students, and the support of parents at home.

Improve critical thinking abilities:

Giving homework for students helps them build analytical and problem-solving skills, preparing them for further education and real-world issues.

Parental Participation:

As giving homework to students every day is necessary, at home it gives a chance to the parents to be involved in their child’s education, assisting them in understanding what their child is learning and providing support as needed.

Customization and teacher input:

By tailoring homework for students to fit the abilities and requirements of individual students, it is possible to help students reach academic milestones at a comfortable pace.

Customization allows for closer attention toward promoting a deeper understanding of concepts while simultaneously focusing on weaker aspects through homework assignments.

Prompt feedback from adequately drafted assignment questions facilitates clarification where needed while reinforcing positive strides made by learners.

Exam practise:

Utilizing homework as a tool for exam preparation is an effective strategy in allowing students to review class material more extensively and pinpoint areas where additional practice may be necessary.

Ability to manage time and Responsibility:

One key learning outcome derived from homework for students is effective time management proficiency. Given the limited time allocated for completing tasks as well as preparing for examinations, students develop this essential skill through the regular practice of homework activities.

Since students are accountable for submitting high-caliber work under strict deadlines, timely assignment completion also instils accountability and promotes self-discipline.

Why is homework perceived as a burden:

Though there are so many benefits of homework, why do students procrastinate when it comes to homework? Why do many students think of it as a punishment and not as an opportunity to overcome challenges and prove their capabilities?

Well, there are many factors,

  • The homework has been put off until the last minute, leading to a large pile of assignments to complete before the deadline.
  • Students might lack the confidence to finish the assigned homework on the topic they are having trouble with. They may avoid it until they have a better understanding of the subject.
  • Students feel unmotivated or disengaged from their schoolwork, causing a delay in the completion of assignments.
  • They may be involved in extracurricular activities and don’t have time to complete the homework on a regular basis leading to a stockpile of them.
  • Due to distractions from social media and other electronic gadgets, students may find it difficult to concentrate on online homework.
  • Assignment completion may be delayed by students who are unable to concentrate on their academic work due to personal concerns.

Here are our suggestions for overcoming the previously mentioned issues and finishing your homework on time and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Do it as a game:

To transform the often-arduous task of homework completion, one could employ a game-like approach by setting a designated amount of time to complete their assignments and endeavoring to exceed their self-imposed constraints. Reward yourself with a favourite snack or activity after completing each task, this will not only serve as motivation but also help individuals associate positive connotations with completing work.

Change in Study Environment:

Monotony can hinder both productivity and creativity, breaking it is crucial for progress. In order to do so, consider varying your study environment occasionally, perhaps by trying out online homework in different locations, such as local parks or vibrant coffee shops. Such pursuits may offer valuable opportunities for a fresh perspective.

Use Music:

You can concentrate and avoid distractions by listening to music. Make an instrumental or classical study playlist to keep you motivated and focused on online homework.

Collaborate with classmates:

By forming a study group with fellow classmates, not only can one strengthen their conceptual understanding of the course material but also make homework more enjoyable. Collaborating with others through online forums or in-person meetings can foster creative problem-solving and shared learning experiences.

Using technology:

The use of technology can make homework more engaging as it presents opportunities for creating interactive and enjoyable tasks. For instance, students can leverage educational apps or online resources to develop flashcards and quizzes that stimulate their interest in learning.

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Students should communicate with their tutors and parents often. They should never hesitate to open up about their struggle with a particular topic or subject.

As students’ progress from primary to senior secondary, their workload of homework increases dramatically. But homework is not a barrier to achievement, but rather a stepping stone towards it, and difficulty is a vital part of the road. Visit EuroSchool to know more.

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