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Tips To Planning the Perfect Lunch Box for Your Child

Lunch Box

As a parent, you would have definitely felt even rocket science is easier than making your kid eat all those veggies and healthy foods or planning a perfect lunch box for them. We understand how you feel. In India, children appear to be consuming insufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables which is evidenced by results from a survey performed by the Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB), most kids consume less than one single serving per day while less than fifty percent achieve the recommended consumption levels.

So, no veggies or fruits in their tiffin lunch box, then what is there? Is it junk food, sweets, and carbonated drinks? Parents need to understand that kids will try to control anything they can because they naturally have very limited independence in their life. Healthy food in a tiffin lunch box is typically the easiest thing for them to say a big no.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also says the same thing, Kids are at risk of micronutrient deficiencies due to a lack of intake of fruits, cereals and veggies. Thanks to the advertisements of food companies, kids are exposed to colourful, juicy, yummy ads of processed and junk foods. Even in supermarkets they occupy most of the shelves. That’s why many kids find a plain carrot, lettuce leaf, or fresh tomato in their lunch box unappealing.

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We all knew the simple truth that eating processed or junk food is bad for the health of children. For a young lad’s lunch box, veggies and fruits definitely deserve their place in it. However, it is essential for parents to clearly understand the significance of packing a nutritious tiffin lunch box for their children.

Essential Nutrients:  Being crucial for the growth and development of children, a healthy lunch box provides them with essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Academic Performance: You think those games and smartphones are the sole reasons for the low marks, even an unhealthy lunch box for kids contributes to it. A nutritious tiffin lunch box improves the cognitive skills required for performance in academics.

Healthy weight: Maintaining an ideal body weight becomes more comfortable if they continue to eat healthy lunches due to having lower risks of obesity issues related illnesses in the future.

Immune system: A healthy meal for kids enhances the immune system function by offering varied nutrient profile foods.

Energy Levels: No parent would love to hear that their kids often fall asleep in classes. Consuming a healthy midday meal promotes increased energy levels necessary for improved physical activity and cognitive alertness throughout the day.

Reducing the risk of chronic diseases: Choosing nutrient-dense options during lunch reduces the likelihood of developing chronic diseases later in life such as diabetes or heart disease. Instilling healthy dietary patterns early on by ensuring regular consumption of wholesome lunches helps promote lifelong habits beneficial to overall health.

Improves mood: Selecting foods containing complex carbohydrates enhances mood stability through sustained blood sugar control which also facilitates sharper attention spans. Remember this while packing your kid’s tiffin box.

Growth and development: By providing a healthy and well-balanced tiffin box for kids, parents and caregivers can significantly contribute towards their physical and mental growth, as such meals furnish the required building blocks of vital body tissues.

We know you will appreciate the value and advantages of packing a nutritious lunch box for kids, but how can you get the kids to grasp this concept? They may make up an excuse like being full or not hungry to put off eating. The moment you are not paying attention, they might try to hide food or dump it off. They keep themselves busy to avoid eating and much more.

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Tips for Parents:

Involve kids in meal planning: Encourage your kids to be involved in the planning of what they would love to have in their lunch box and tiffin box. Take them to grocery shops and let them choose the fruits, veggies, and other healthy options. It takes patience, but it’s worth it.

Be a role model: Expecting your child to be an avid reader when you are addicted to your smartphone does not sound nice, does it? Thus, practise what you preach. If you are enjoying your veggies, that will be a great start for them. This way they would love to see the veggies in their lunch box.

Offering Rewards: Offer your children some fun rewards if they try a new vegetable or fruit, or cereal, or if they finish the nutritious tiffin box you packed for them without throwing anything away.

Only Veggies and Fruits for Outings: Make them choose between a picnic or junk food. Follow a rule that during family outings, and holidays everyone will stick to healthy snacks.

Be Creative: Apply a variety of textures and colours to make aesthetically pleasing dishes. Create a fruit skewer that includes different coloured fruits or a veggie rainbow using a range of colourful vegetables.

Give creative names to food items, such as Superman Salad, Hulk Smoothie. Fill your Kid’s tiffin box with funny shaped fruits or sandwiches. Kids may be inspired to try new foods as a result of the food’s increased attraction.

Art of Planning: To ensure that the lunches are balanced and healthy, plan out the lunch box foods for the upcoming week in advance so that you are prepared.

Save room for dessert: To make the lunch box for kids more appealing add some healthy homemade desserts like

  • Baked apples with a drizzle of honey, also with a dollop of Greek yogurt.
  • Chia seed pudding with chia seeds, almond milk, and honey. You can add some toppings like fruits, nuts, and granola.
  • Fruit salad, for a colourful and nourishing dessert, chop up several fruits and combine them.
  • Mango smoothie: Blend ripe mangoes with honey and yogurt for a wonderful smoothie.
  • Date Balls: Create a dessert that is high in energy by blending dates, almonds, and coconut flakes.

Talk with your kid: Explain the benefits of healthy food to your kid in an easy way. Tell them about each fruit and veggie in a funny way, like telling a story. Talk about the advantages of a healthy diet, such as feeling more energised and having greater concentration at school. As you interact more, they’ll be excited to learn about nutritious foods.


Trust the process, as they are kids, it will take time to make them understand the miracles of a healthy lunch box. It is clear that a nutritious lunch is essential for children’s growth and development. But remember healthy foods don’t have to be boring, so be creative in packing a lunch box for kids. Bon appétit.

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