Family sports for the holidays!

Family Sports for Holidays

Guess what is upon us!
Why, the holiday season of course!

Okay, not the Christmas holiday season but the season of trips and travels. The time when you go on unforgettable adventures with your kids in tow, exploring all the fascinating things this world has to offer. There is no doubt that a family holiday is one of the most exciting and memorable times of the year!

Despite all the exploration and adventure though, your kids need a bit of fun and frolic now and then to truly enjoy a family trip.

After all, sightseeing might be fun for you as an adult but kids need a solid playtime to feel like they are truly in vacation mode. Luckily, your holiday can include a lot of family sports fun if you just pick the right resorts that offer a mix of sightseeing and fun activities!

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Here is a list of 10 such sporty, family destinations to help you out.

  1. Go golfing at Oxford Golf Resort, Pune
  2. Just outside of Pune, this 136 acre resort has an 18-hole private golf course where you and your family can indulge family sports in style. This is sheer luxury, trust us. Like luxury personified.

    If you do not know golf though, there is nothing at all to worry about as this resort offers a Golf Academy so your little ones can develop a passion for the sport and learn something new while on holiday. A win-win!

  3. Sail away at the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Goa
  4. If you and your family are all about experiencing the sailor’s life while on vacation, you have to check out the amazingly pristine Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in Goa. Set upon the majestic Arabian Sea, this surreal escape into the blue season is an experience of a lifetime!

    What makes it a great family sports holiday destination is the fact that it offers private yachts so guests can go sailing into the endlessly peaceful waters of the Arabian Sea. You can also go on a sunset cruise or enjoy an overnight stay on the yacht with your kids.

  5. Seek adventure at Wild Chalet Resort, Kanha National Park
  6. Got a bunch of adventure junkies in your family? You must give Wild Chalet Resort a shot then!

    Nestled right upon the banks of the beautiful Banjar River, gorgeous views are not the only thing you get here. This family sports holiday destination offers a host of adrenaline-rush activities such as jungle safaris and nature trails.

    You can also enjoy more mellow activities such as bird watching and tribal dances here too. It has got a host of activities that kids of all ages will enjoy when on holiday.

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  7. Indulge in water sports at Aloha On The Ganges, Rishikesh
  8. Family activity-based holidays are your best bet for summer vacation. Especially if you are into water sports! And if you need a recommendation about where to go, we suggest Aloha On The Ganges in Rishikesh.

    This luxury resort is super easy to access from Delhi via road or rail. Or even air! What is also great about this resort is the lush views it offers, which are incomparable because it is situated right upon the banks of the Ganga River.

    Now coming to the adventure activity bit, there are several to choose from. From river rafting to a picnic at the waterfalls, there is plenty you can do as a family.

  9. Go mountain biking at Lha Ri Sa Resort, Leh Ladakh
  10. There is something quite magical about family activity holidays which take place in the mountains. Biking together as a unit is quite a thrill. And so is soaking the mesmerising sights and sounds that the valleys and peaks have to offer!

    Now if that is something you want to experience and convert into a cherished, lifelong memory, you should head to Lha Ri Sa Resort in Leh Ladakh. This resort is very close to important attractions too such as Nubra Valley, Magnetic Hill and Tso Moriri Hill among others.

  11. Take a leisurely dip at Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala
  12. This one is the perfect relaxing escape that you and your kids need after a long summer of school and work. Set in the heart of Kerala backwaters, the first thing that greets you at Kumarakom Lake Resort are breathtaking views of God’s own country.

    Apart from that, you get to nestle yourself in tranquillity and float in the calming waters of the resort’s swimming pool. You can also go for enchanting boat rides and enjoy relaxing activities such as the spa or meditation centres together.

  13. Experience horse riding at Montrose Golf Resort & Spa, Coorg
  14. Have you or your kids been curious to dabble in the art of horse riding? The Montrose Golf Resort & Spa in Coorg is the perfect place to indulge in a holiday with sports activities! Not only do you get access to professional horse riding sessions here, you can also try out shooting and take tons of nature walks!

    There are programs for bird spotting, coffee tasting and golf too so your itinerary will always be chock a block with fun-packed activities that your whole family can enjoy together!

  15. Play family tennis at the Trident, Bhubaneshwar
  16. Gear up for a rush of adrenaline because it is time to play family tennis at the Trident, Bhubaneshwar! Well, that is if you plan to travel there of course. Because this resort is bound to make the perfect holiday with sports activities destination for you and your family.

    At this scenic resort, you can feel the sweet thrill of victory playing tennis or badminton. Or you could feel the freedom rush of cycling. Or try out a new sport like croquet. Or finish the day with a peaceful boat ride where your whole family gets to spend quality time just bonding together.

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  17. Go surfing at Magnificent Manapad, Manapad
  18. For the unversed, Manapad is a small coastal town in Tamil Nadu that enjoys the mystical beauty of sandy dunes on one side and the cool serenity of clear blue seas on the other. Which as you know make it an ideal destination for a surf n’ turf family holiday!

    Now before we proceed to tell you all about the activities this adventure-centric resort offers, we must put in a word caution. We only recommend coming for a surfing trip with your family if you have older kids to care for rather than younger ones as water activities can be dangerous.

    That said, apart from a wide variety of surfing activities, you can also enjoy wakeboarding, sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving here.

  19. Enjoy multiple activities at Z-Bac Adventure & Leisure Resort, Various Locations
  20. Last on the list is Z-Bac Adventure & Leisure Resort, which as the name says it is all about adventure. Spread across multiple locations throughout the country, this campsite resort offers a ton of different activities, which cover practically all groups and activity levels. So you can try your hand at just about anything, be it ziplining, trekking, hiking, cycling or more. Whatever floats your boat, metaphorically or literally!

Going on holidays with sport activities can be both a thrilling and enriching experience for you and your family! For more such interesting family based travel ideas, check out EuroSchool blog. You might find something useful!

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