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Top 11 Outdoor Activities in Bangalore that You Must Enjoy with Your Kids

outdoor activities in bangalore

Kids are always on an adventure to seek out new adventures! After all, the entire world is unexplored and new to them. Moreover, unlike adults, they are quickly bored. This is why you should frequently take them to the nearby amusement parks, museums, water parks, botanical gardens, and other exciting places. You should take them where they can learn something, may be not educational stuff but social ones, and enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Here is a list of fun outdoor activities in Bangalore that you can enjoy with your young ones if you live there. So, parents in Bangalore, it’s time to discover the things to do outside Bangalore and make your toddler fall in love with the city. Let’s have fun!

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Fun Outdoor Activities in Bangalore

Find out the best places to take your kids for outdoor activities in Bangalore.

  1. Historical places:
  2. This is the best choice if your child loves castles, antiques, and mummies! Bangalore has a lot of old places to mesmerise your toddler. There are large castles like that the Bangalore Fort, Bangalore Palace, and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Also, the museums are pretty bang on! You can check out the Government Museum, the country’s second oldest museum, with its huge collection of old coins, statues, and other artefacts. You can also visit the HAL aerospace museum if your kid is a fan of aeroplanes.

  3. An outing in the hill station:
  4. This option is the perfect destination if your child loves the mountains and is excited about clouds. You can check out the Nandi Hills and the Yelagiri Hills.

  5. National Parks:
  6. If your child loves to watch wildlife TV programs, then the national park is his jam. You can check out Nandanavana Park, Martin Farm, and Cubbon Park. Additionally, there are provisions for fun activities like rock climbing, sand pit, carnival rides, and carousel rides. All of these will surely bring a smile to your toddler’s face.

  7. Amusement Park:
  8. The best part of the amusement park is that everyone loves it. Rest assured, your child will love it, You can try out the Wonder La Water Resort or the Lumbini Park at the bank of Nagawara Lake. The water rides would be truly memorable, and your kid would have a fun day outdoors.

  9. Movie theatre:
  10. You can take your child to watch his favourite superhero film. Make sure to surprise him, as the element of surprise will bring out more fun from the event.

  11. Film City:
  12. The innovative Film City is a power pack of shopping centres, museums, and fun rides. It is a must-visit place that can be one of the perfect outdoor activities for your kid in Bangalore.

  13. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium:
  14. Do you want to combine some education with fun? The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is the perfect spot for your kid. Your kid can see the workings of the solar system and attend scientific exhibitions there.

  15. Aquarium:
  16. If your kid loves watching fish, then this is an ideal spot for him/her. With a huge collection of fish of different sizes and colors, your kid will have the happiest moments of life there.

  17. Temples:
  18. Bangalore is a city with many marvellous temples. You can always take your kid to temples like the Bull Temple, Ragigudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple, Sree Surya Narayana Swamy Temple, Malleswaram Temple, and more.

  19. Stadium:
  20. You can take your child to the M Chinnaswamy Stadium to watch a live cricket match. He/she will be thrilled while watching his favourite cricket players on the field. In fact, during the IPL season and other international series, the stadium is the best place to spend some quality time with your kid.

  21. Simply play outside:
  22. If you don’t have the time to take your kids to all the previously discussed places, at least take them to a playground to let them enjoy their favourite outdoor games in Bangalore. You can play with them or encourage them to play with other kids. In this way, they will make a lot of friends. However, keep an eye on your kiddo and let no one mess with them.

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Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities for kids in Bangalore have several benefits:

  1. Stimulates creativity:
  2. Outdoor activities can inspire creativity in your kid. The natural scenic beauty and the historical palaces are enough fodder for their creative juices. Once you take your kid to these places, be sure that some amazing stories and fantastic sketches are in line for their production.

  3. Good for health:
  4. Outdoor activities will expose your kid more to sunlight and ensure higher production of Vitamin D. This will maintain proper bone density and overall growth and development of the body.

  5. Refreshment:
  6. Outdoor activities will lower stress and rejuvenate the energies needed to deal with the increasing study pressure. Refreshing their mind will improve their focus, which will further help them in their studies.

  7. Increased socialization:
  8. Outdoor activities will increase the chances of interaction with other people. Your child can make new friends and learn to socialise better with people.

  9. Exercise:
  10. While outdoors, your kid can run and play with other kids. This is a great exercise and has long-term benefits for the body. Also, outdoor activities will improve their sleep and help in their overall development. This will also improve their body coordination and cognitive abilities.

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The increasing loads of homework coupled with the lack of refreshments can give your child a hard time. This is why outdoor activities and outdoor games in Bangalore have become more important. It strengthens your bond with your kids. They will have a blast, and looking at them smiling will wipe out all your work pressure and frustrations. Moreover, going outdoors would rejuvenate you and make you better equipped to deal with day-to-day responsibilities.

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