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Top 20 Books by Sudha Murthy for Kids to Read!

Sudha Murthy books for kids

Currently, the world is filled with extremely amazing people. One such person is Sudha Murthy, who is dubbed the “First Lady of Indian Tech.” Sudha Murthy’s background is in technology, but there is more to her than that. Her stories and unmistakable writing style have been enjoyed by both young and old audiences. In this blog post, a list of the top Sudha Murthy books will be included. But first, let’s get to know the author a little better.

Who is Sudha Murthy?

The career of Sudha Murthy, a computer scientist and engineer, was initiated with Telco, a well-known technological business in India. The prestigious Padma Shri Award, one of the highest civilian accolades bestowed by the Indian government, was received by Sudha Murthy. Additionally, seven honorary doctorates from prestigious universities in India are held by her.

But if a lot is read by you, her writing is probably more familiar to you than anything else. Although written in English and Kannada, Sudha Murthy’s books have been translated into other Indian languages.  All her works are enjoyable to read, but the ones aimed at young readers have captured readers’ attention across the world, and that is the subject of today’s blog.

So, relax as you are walking through some of the most well-liked Sudha Murthy books for students.

  1. The Daughter from a Wishing Tree: Unusual Tales about Women in Mythology
  2. If you want to introduce them to the great women of mythology, this book should be gotten by you. The tales of Parvati, Bhanmati, Mandodari, and others are brilliantly examined by Sudha Murthy through her compelling writing, and their victories and destinies are brought to life.

  3. How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories
  4. Since tales are based on actual events in the author’s life, this book may be considered one of the most well-known Sudha Murthy books for students. By the end of the beautiful tales of vows made to her grandma and financial advice from her mother, your mind will be transported to an India that may have been forgotten to you.

  5. The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home
  6. One of the most popular Sudha Murthy books for students is adored by youngsters due to novels with an animal protagonist. The stories in this book revolve around the dog Gopi and are written in his voice and from his perspective. The first book in the series, Coming Home, narrates Gopi’s decision to settle down with his new, devoted family.

  7. The Magic of the Lost Temple
  8. Sudha Murthy has beautifully written that the pace of life in Nooni’s grandparents’ village in Karnataka is surprising to her as a city girl. However, she is immediately adjusted to the laid-back schedule there and is involved in a flurry of activities with her new friends, such as papad preparation, picnics planning, and learning to ride a bicycle in this Sudha Murthy book for kids.

  9. The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories.
  10. In this book by Sudha Murthy, tales told by her grandmother and international friends are recalled by her. Stories about a coconut that cost a thousand rupees, a super-smart princess who doesn’t want to be married, and an elderly couple who are saved by a magic drum are sure to be entertained by young readers.

  11. The Bird with the Golden Wings.
  12. Sometimes, all life’s greatest blessings are obtained through a simple act of kindness and compassion. This lesson is discovered by our young protagonist after all the rice she had was given to a hungry bird. This one is one of Sudha Murthy’s Best books.

  13. Grandma’s Bag of Stories.
  14. Undoubtedly, Grandma’s Bag of Stories is one of the most well-known Sudha Murthy books for kids. This one is likely to be mentioned by anyone who is asked to name a Sudha Murthy book. Published in 2015, it is a compilation of tales about kings, monkeys, scorpions, and lost wealth.

  15. How the Sea became salty.
  16. The child will be kept on the edge of their seat by this captivating tale. The tale of the sweet sea in its infancy and the destruction that led to its saltiness is told. The book is one of many by Sudha Murthy, whose vibrant graphics captivate young readers.

  17. How the Onion Got its Layers.
  18. The protagonist of this Sudha Murthy tale gradually unravels the riddle of how the onion came to have its layers, starting with a princess’s obsession with clothing. Isn’t it fascinating?

  19. The Serpent’s Revenge: Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata.
  20. There are 25 different stories from The Mahabharata in Sudha Murthy books for kids. However, the author believes that the Mahabharata is only about Krishna. His eight wives and himself. He, and his love and affection for them, and for the entire society. Children older than 7 should read this book more often.

  21. The Upside-Down King: Unusual Tales About Rama and Krishna.
  22. Fascinated by Indian Mythology, books on such genres are generally felt by Sudha Murthy to be difficult for kids to read as they contain elaborate explanations.

  23. House of Cards
  24. The House of Cards centres around a woman named Mridula, who exuded energy and zeal for life. A struggling doctor is married to her after falling in love. The materialistic and egotistical nature of life is realised by her. Despite the negativity outside, her inner tranquillity is disturbed.

  25. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk
  26. An interesting tale is presented that highlights lessons in life that were discovered by people across the world. From Venkat, who is just continuously talking but never listens to, to Vishnu, who has achieved all material prosperity but is unaware of true bliss.

  27. The old man and his God.
  28. A compilation of 25 short stories has been created by the author after visiting Indian villages and slums. Many different strangers are interacted with by the author. Each of their hardships and lessons from real life is detailed in the narrative.

  29. Three Thousand Stitches
  30. A powerful story is told of how the lives of 3000 women were transformed by Sudha Murthy from a poor exhausting existence to a respectable job and income.

  31. The Mother I Never Knew: Two Novellas
  32. Two tales in this book are centred around two distinct men who are not aware of their mother. This Sudha Murthy book is a must read for kids.

  33. The Man from The Egg: Unusual Tales from Trinity
  34. The legends of the three main Gods, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu are told by it. Some of their spectacular but lesser-known stories are detailed in this book. A wonderful and enigmatic time when humans could teleport between locations and fly is transported to you in this Sudha Murthy book for students.

  35. The Daughter from the Whisking Tree
  36. The legends of feminine powers are owned by the ladies of Indian mythology. In the ancient epics of all the Goddesses, tales of power and mystery are told in the Sudha Murthy Books for kids.

  37. Something Happened on The Way to Heaven: 20 Inspiring Real-Life Stories
  38. A collection of 20 actual stories was chosen by the author from entries in a Penguin contest. All the lovely facets of being a human are discussed in the Sudha Murthy Book for kids.

  39. Gently Falls the Bakula
  40. The love story of Shrikant and Shrimati, two couples, is being narrated. It demonstrates how a qualified and diligent woman must abandon her studies after getting married to take on the role of a housewife.


At Euroschool, we make sure that children comprehend these Sudha Murthy Books for kids in a way that inspires them to perform better and learn more. These books are essential for students to know about because they enrich children’s lives and speed up their learning.

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