General knowledge questions for Class 1

40 GK Questions for Class 1

Pardon us for saying this but general knowledge is not something you come across pretty commonly, right?

Not accurately for sure. Not always. And that too after being a very important type of knowledge for kids and adults alike to have. We mean it is general knowledge after all that keeps us connected to the major facts of the world.

Call it the foundation of awareness on a global level if you will. Ergo, you can tell by the title that we are going to be all about general knowledge for kids in this one. Particularly for class 1 kids because that is the foundational level of this subject.

So without further ado, here is a list of general knowledge questions for class 1 kids:

  1. Does the sun have its own colour?
  2. Questions class 1 kids can ask! And you can tell them the sun is white, because it is made up of all the colours! But the heat that makes the sun up gives it a yellow, red or orange shade.

  3. The number of legs a dog has?
  4. This one is easy! Four! You can throw in the fun fact that any four-legged creature is called a quadruped.

  5. Who is the king of the jungle?
  6. No points for guessing that it is the mighty lion!

  7. The largest planet in our solar system is?
  8. Among the questions class 1 kids love to ask, you can tell them that this title belongs to Jupiter.

  9. And what about the one that is closest to then?
  10. That, dear kids, is Mercury.

  11. Number of continents in the world are?
  12. Easy-peasy! There are seven and they go by the names of Asia, Antarctica, Africa, Australasia (Oceania), Europe, North America and South America.

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  13. Tell me the tallest animal in the whole world!
  14. Part of the GK questions for standard 1, the answer to this is… Giraffe! They can be up to 20 ft. tall easy!

  15. What is our country’s national bird?
  16. Trust this to be a top GK question for standard 1. The answer, of course, is peacock!

  17. The largest ocean on our planet is?
  18. The grand old Pacific Ocean. Huge is a word that does not even cut it for this one!

  19. This season follows winter close on its heels!
  20. Spring! The time of blooming happiness.

  21. There is a planet that is nicknamed Red Planet. Guess it!
  22. If you guessed Mars, you got it right! It has a reddish hue to it. A rather common class 1 GK question this one.

  23. Three Little Pigs is such a hit story among kids! Who wrote it?
  24. One of the tough class 1 GK questions, Joseph Jacobs wrote this classic masterpiece.

  25. The opposite of “happy” would be?
  26. Sadly, that would be “sad” 🙁

  27. And what about the opposite of “big”?
  28. Small! Though you can use words like tiny too. Similar meanings!

  29. How do you pluralise the word “cat”?
  30. Plurals are common GK questions for standard 1. Here, the answer is “cats”.

  31. The vowels in English are?
  32. Well, there are five of them and you can count each one on your fingers. A, E, I, O and U. There you go!

  33. The opposite of “fast”?
  34. Depends on the meaning of “fast”! If it is speed, the answer would be “slow”! If it is not eating food, the answer would be “eat”.

  35. And the opposite of “day”?
  36. Night! That is a basic general knowledge question for class 1.

  37. Which punctuation mark will end my sentence?
  38. That is an interesting one because multiple punctuation marks can end a sentence depending on the context! Like a question mark ends a question based sentence. Exclamation mark ends a sentence with a strong sentiment. And of course you can end plain sentences with the good old period or full-stop.

  39. What other word can I use for “happy”?
  40. Why so many of them! Let us see, there is joyful. There is cheerful. Merry. Cheery. Jolly. This list is a long one! A good general knowledge question in class 1.

  41. A group of sheep would be called?
  42. Any guesses? You might find this to be a rather common general knowledge question in class 1. It is called a flock!

  43. What is that grammar term for action based verbs?
  44. You know class 1 GK questions are not all about birds, animals and places. Grammar factors in too. And the answer for this one is verbs.

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  45. The smallest state in all of India is?
  46. Goa! This beachy state might be small but it is no less than a tropical paradise.

  47. Plants use a process to make food. It is called?
  48. Yep, class 1 GK questions can be tough too sometimes. Anyway, the process is called photosynthesis.

  49. When water turns to vapour, the process is called?
  50. Evaporation! Heat is what makes this process possible.

  51. This is the season in which leaves fall!
  52. This class 1 GK question has a simple answer and that is autumn.

  53. Why should we recycle?
  54. Because, kids, it helps us control pollution and waste. All the while helping us save our resources as much as we can.

  55. How does composting help?
  56. It helps by reducing waste. But turning it into soil that is full of nutrients and good for plants.

  57. Why do we have air pollution?
  58. From vehicles and factories that exude toxic fumes to burning to burning fossil fuels, and even bursting firecrackers, a lot can pollute our precious air.

  59. How many sides are there to a hexagon?
  60. This GK question for class 1 in English is quite interesting because it is all about shapes. Care for a guess? The answer is 6!

  61. 32. What is the shape of a diamond?
  62. Like a “barfi”! Or even a kite! In shape, it is called a rhombus!

  63. What is another word for wind energy?
  64. Wind power! Sounds cool, right?

  65. Why is round the most popular?
  66. Because it is easier to evenly cook a round pizza!

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  67. Who was our first PM?
  68. The man who was a favourite of most kids, the late Jawaharlal Nehru!

  69. We call this a group of lions?
  70. Pride! Makes sense. They look like such regal creatures after all.

  71. And a group of this animal is called a mob!
  72. Any guesses? It is the hopping happy kangaroo!

  73. A group of lemurs is called?
  74. A conspiracy! It is very hush-hush. Okay, we are only kidding!

  75. India’s largest lake is?
  76. The Chilka lake!

  77. And our oldest caves?
  78. The Ajanta caves!

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