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Top 7 Instruments in Music Therapy for Kids

Types of music therapy

There are several needs that we as humans must have, some basic and some a necessity, let us discuss what is the basic need for our kids to learn musical instruments. Learning a musical instrument increases the level of focus required to complete a specific task. Learning a musical instrument makes the user use both hands which stimulates the brain cells and makes the brain more active. There are various musical instruments which children can choose from.

Choosing a musical instrument that children like is very important to improve a child’s cognitive skills and also to build confidence in them. Today we will speak about how music and art therapy helps kids in diverse ways.

Music therapy is an important aspect in each one’s life irrespective of the receiver being an adult or a kid. Music therapy helps to improve the overall ability of the brain and makes children stand out in a crowd in terms of creativity giving them an outlet to express emotions. Music therapy also ensures to make the skills of reasoning better than what it already is. This gives children the required thought process which is very essential to do well in math and science.

Art Therapy helps children become self-aware about their surroundings, and helps them to communicate without speaking. It is very popular amongst kids that need special attention such as autistic children. Art therapy creates a platform for children to improve their mental and emotional state of mind. It also enables children to be more socially active. It brings children out of their little bubble they create for themselves sometimes and acts as a helping hand to open up and explore the diversity of life in and outside the classroom.

Music and art therapy overall is much needed in schools and educational institutions as it is very beneficial for our children who on a daily basis go through stress and trauma of different kind. Music and art therapy also makes a child’s wandering mind more calm and stable. This stability and calmness ensures children are mentally present when a subject is being discussed by a teacher. Music and art therapy is like the refresher breaks we all need at some point in the day.

As we know, children have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a musical instrument, so let us have a look at the top music therapy instruments:

Top Music Therapy Instruments


When we consider music therapy instruments for kids, a guitar is the simplest. Learning to play the guitar means an instant goodbye to anxiety. It also strengthens a child’s physical appearance as a lot of arm work is required while playing the guitar. The strumming of the guitar to create a rhythm with a combination of chords is one of the types of music therapy in itself. This makes children happy and explodes a sense of progression and achievement in their minds.


A piano is the smoothest of all instruments. It can replicate an orchestra from one instrument. It has the ability to create a drum sound with just the click of a button depending on how advanced the piano is. The contribution of the piano in the types of music therapy is vital as it enhances a child’s creativity and aids healing and relaxation. It also enables children to have a deeper understanding of musical notes and scales.

Handheld percussions:

Handheld percussion is very easy to use. They can be used in any way, and they are very popular in toddler toys too. It is made from wood, metal, or plastic, and a precise rhythm is usually created when children shake it, scrape it, or tap the handheld percussion with their fingers or sticks. Whenever anyone is attracted to a music genre, it is specifically the tune of the music one gets enchanted by. That is the magic that handheld percussion creates when making music. They are somewhere in the background in the orchestra but make a difference when shaken or tapped on. This is one of the music therapy instruments which is very portable too. It is easy to carry while traveling. This music therapy instrument also ensures an increased level of coordination among kids. Handheld percussion can be played individually and also in groups, and if played in groups, it ensures children become friendly and happy in a social environment.


Also known as small hand drums in itself are very therapeutic as they release inner stress in children and help them to collate their thoughts together through beats and meditative rhythm. Small handheld drums are very commonly used in these kinds of meditative sessions as it is mostly just one hand drum that is used by an individual. Hence, there is mitigated fear of playing a wrong note or beat.


Tambourines help in both music and art therapy as children colour them and bring their artistic selves out on display. Children gain a thorough understanding of simple music concepts through tambourines. This includes rhythm and patterns of musical notes, versatility of loud and soft music. This instrument helps children to gain a sense of rhythm in life and dedication. It also motivates them to be more self-aware.


Maracas, also known as rumba shakers, are very common in the Caribbean and the South American music. Maracas are a rattle instrument made of turtle shells filled with beads or seeds and sometimes pebbles too. Maracas are also very imperative when we speak of types of music therapy instruments. Playing the maracas can also reduce the need for medication when it comes to improving mental health and can give children an opportunity to engage in an additional recreational activity.

Push bells:

Enhance the calmness and peace in meditation sessions, hence people use push bells as a resource to calm themselves when stressed. Push bells play an important role in music therapy.

Here at EuroSchool, we encourage students to learn about musical instruments because it helps them to be mentally focused, relaxed, and stress-free. Besides learning musical instruments, which is a great extracurricular activity for kids. It is a great way for kids to portray their creative side as well as turn their passion for music into a successful profession.

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