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What is Values Education And Why Is It So Important?

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A sound education is not just about studying mathematics, science, social studies, etc. Value education must be an integral part of any education system. Value education is concerned with teaching students moral and ethical values such that they shape into ideal social citizens. Aspects such as honesty, integrity, mutual respect, empathy, etc are values that need to be imbibed in any student through value education at school. The core purpose of value education is to build societies that are civil and democratic. Such societies are fun to be a part of. Friendships, relationships, and mutual bonds flourish in such societies. There is respect for each individual and their rights. Lack of value education often leads to broken societies that are fraught with crime, cheating, animosity, and negativity.

Values are better instilled from early childhood so that they become second behaviour for children. Delivering value education is not a job which can be left to the schools to deliver. Value education at home should be an integral component of parenting. Value education is also unlike a typical subject only taught during a specific period. Parents and teachers should keep an eye out for teachable moments any time during the day wherein they can impart valuable lessons in value education.  This blog talks about some key aspects that make value education imperative for all students.

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Shapes Character

An individual’s character is not shaped by how good he or she is in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, etc. but by how good their value system is. Ravana, the main antagonist in the ancient Indian epic Ramayana, was a prime example of this. Ravana was a great scholar, well versed with all the six shastras and the four Vedas, an able king, a maestro of Veena, and revered as one of the biggest devotees of Lord Shiva. Despite all these qualities, his poor value system led to his destruction. The learning here is that the value system has a big role to play in shaping one’s character. The importance of character in one’s life cannot be overstated. A strong character with a good value system is an essential ingredient for leading a happy and successful life, both in personal and professional spheres.

Promotes society well-being

A society is built upon the shoulders of its constituent citizens. The values that prevail in a society depend on the values of the constituents. Thus, the strong value of education is also a determinant of how we shape the character of our societies. A society infested with individuals having poor value systems is destined for a disaster. There are ample examples of societies from across the world that crumpled purely because of the poor value system of their constituents. In many cases, just a few bad influences are enough to damage the fabric of an entire society. The frequent acts of rioting, vandalism, theft, and crimes that we see in many parts of our country are a result of the poor value system of those committing such criminal acts.

Helps make better decisions

Many times, while making a decision we feel confused. We find it difficult to choose as all the alternatives have their logical pros and cons. In such scenarios, we can invoke our values to play the role of a tiebreaker. In this way, we can choose the decision that aligns best with our value system. The role of “Core Values” has become a key factor not just in personal decisions but also in corporate decision-making. Most companies define their organisational core values. You will find posters on the walls of companies with their core values clearly defined. While taking any decision, the company leadership and management make sure that the choices made are aligned with the company’s core values.

Value systems can similarly help individuals, especially students, to take the correct decision in tricky scenarios. It acts as a framework they can resort to when faced with a difficult situation.

Strengthens Relationships

Would you like to be friends with someone dishonest and lacks integrity? No, right? Those with poor value systems usually find it difficult to sustain healthy relationships. Their friends desert them, they usually are alienated from society, and people typically do not want to be associated with them in any manner. On the other hand, those with a strong value system are usually liked, trusted, and respected in society. They are never short of friends and usually enjoy fruitful and nurturing relationships. Values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect and empathy are key ingredients for healthy relationships. Without these, the relationships eventually crumble and dissolve.

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Leads to success and happiness

All the above factors combined lead to a successful, fulfilling and happy life. We have ample examples of leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Ratan Tata, APJ Abdul Kalam and many more who achieved great heights primarily because of the strong value system they possessed. People adore them. People treat them as role models. Society looks up to them and treats them as examples to follow. While a misplaced value system might lead to rewards in the short term, in the long term only those with a strong value system taste true success.

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Education boards in India, such as CBSE, have given great emphasis on value education right from the primary level. In a diverse country such as India, value education can play a key role in binding the societies in one thread of unity and harmony. While values such as harmony, peace, compassion and humility have been practised for centuries, we are now seeing values relating to the environment becoming more relevant in society. The Indian education system is now deeply integrating values education in all aspects of education, curricular, extracurricular, sports, etc. CBSE has also released a handbook for teachers with value education kits that help in developing and delivering value education modules. At EuroSchool, we give prime importance to values education. It is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Our students over the course of their education develop strong value systems that position them well for long-term success, happiness, and fulfilment.

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