Guide to Using YouTube Kids App for Parents


The YouTube Kids is like a special place just for kids! It’s made so we can watch videos without any worries. It has cool stuff for us, and our parents can help keep us safe by choosing what we can watch. This guide will show our parents all the important things about the YouTube Kids app so we can have lots of fun and stay safe too!

Introduction to YouTube Kids App

The YouTube Kids app has lots of videos for kids like me! There are cartoons, songs, and even cool projects to try. My mom and dad like it because they know I’m safe watching stuff on there. It’s really fun and I learn new things too!

This app is super easy for kids to use! It has lots of bright colors, big buttons, and easy menus so even little kids can find their favorite videos all by themselves. But moms and dads still need to watch out and use the special parent settings to keep everything safe.

Setting Up Your YouTube Kids Account

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download the App: You can download the YouTube Kids app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign In: Open the app and sign in with your Google account. This step is necessary to set up parental controls and manage your child’s viewing experience.
  3. Create a Profile: Set up individual profiles for each child. You can customize these profiles based on the child’s age and interests.

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Customizing Profiles

Hey there! Making separate profiles is super cool! It helps make sure each kid sees stuff that’s just right for them. Like, if you’re a little kid, you don’t wanna see stuff that’s too big for you, right? So, with these profiles, you can make sure you only see stuff that’s good for your age. And guess what? You can make each profile special! You can pick what you like and what you’re into. So, if you love dinosaurs, your profile can have lots of dinosaur stuff! And if you’re a big kid, you can watch stuff that’s more tricky and fun.

Oh, and here’s another neat thing! These profiles help moms and dads see what you watch. That way, they can talk to you about it and see if you’re learning cool stuff. It’s like a secret helper for moms and dads! So, with these profiles, everyone can watch stuff they like, and moms and dads can make sure it’s all good for you.

Exploring Parental Controls for YouTube App

Importance of Parental Controls

So, you know when you’re watching YouTube Kids and you see cool stuff? Well, there are special things called “parental controls” that help grown-ups make sure we only see good things. These controls are like magic switches that help keep us safe while we watch videos.

With these controls, parents can choose which videos we can watch, make sure we don’t watch too much screen time, and even stop us from searching for videos ourselves. It’s like having a grown-up superhero helping us have fun safely!


Parental controls help you check what your kid watches and stop them from seeing stuff you don’t like. It makes sure your child only sees things that are okay for them and helps you feel happy knowing they’re safe. So, they can have fun watching without any worries!

Setting Up Parental Controls

  1. Go to Settings: Access the settings by tapping the lock icon on the bottom corner of the screen.
  2. Set a Passcode: Create a custom passcode that will be required to access parental settings.
  3. Content Settings: Choose the content level that is appropriate for your child’s age group.
  4. Search Settings: Decide if you want to enable or disable the search feature. Disabling it restricts your child to only the videos available on the home screen.
  5. Timer: Use the built-in timer to limit how long your child can use the app each day.

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Managing Content in YouTube Kids App

  1. Age-Appropriate Content
  2. So, like, YouTube Kids has stuff for different ages! There’s things for little kids who are 4 or younger, then stuff for kids who are 5 to 7, and even things for older kids who are 8 to 12! This helps make sure you watch videos that are good for how old you are!

  3. Custom Content Curation
  4. Did you know parents can make sure you only watch good stuff on the internet? They can stop you from seeing things they think aren’t okay. If there’s a video they don’t want you to watch, they can just click a button and poof, it’s blocked! Easy peasy!

  5. Reviewing Watch History
  6. Remember to check what your kiddo has been watching on TV or the computer! It’s super important to see what stuff they like and make sure it’s all okay. If you see something that worries you, you can talk about it with them right away!

Ensuring Kid Safe YouTube App Usage

  1. Safe Viewing Environment
  2. When you’re using the app, make sure you’re in a place where grown-ups can see what you’re doing, like the living room or kitchen. Don’t use it in places where you’re alone, like your bedroom. That keeps you safe!

  3. Discussion and Education
  4. Educate your child about online safety and the importance of not sharing personal information. Encourage open communication so your child feels comfortable discussing anything unusual or troubling they see online.

Additional Features of YouTube Kids App

  1. Educational Content
  2. Did you know about the YouTube Kids app? It’s super cool! It has lots of fun stuff that can help you learn new things. Like, you can watch videos about science experiments and even learn different languages! It’s like having school on your tablet or phone. So, next time you’re on the app, try checking out some of these videos. They can help you learn even more cool stuff outside of school. Have fun exploring!

  3. Interactive Learning
  4. We have fun videos and games to learn! They help you learn better by playing and doing things. You can even play quizzes and games to see how much you know!

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Customizing the YouTube Kids Experience

  1. Favorite Channels
  2. You can put your favorite channels in a special place so you can find them super fast! It’s awesome, especially if you’re still learning to write or spell the names of your favorite shows.

  3. Personalized Playlists
  4. Make special lists with all the videos you love most! It’s super fun and helps when you want to watch your favorite videos again and again!

Managing Screen Time with the YouTube Kids App

  1. Setting Boundaries
  2. YouTube Kids is super cool and has lots of fun stuff to watch, but it’s really important for grown-ups to help us manage how much time we spend looking at screens. Too much screen time can make it hard to sleep, play outside, and hang out with friends. So let’s make sure we take breaks and do other fun things too!

  3. Using the Timer Feature
  4. You can make a rule on the app so you don’t play too much! It’s like magic! Just set a timer for how long you wanna play each day, and when it beeps, it’s time for a break! Yay for breaks! They’re super important so we can play more later!

Check what your kid is watching on their tablet or phone. Change the videos sometimes so they don’t get bored and keep learning cool stuff!

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