Online Marks Percentage Calculator

What is an online Marks Percentage Calculator?

EuroSchool’s online marks percentage calculator is a calculating tool used to help students determine the overall marks percentage of exams. This tool comes in handy for students to keep regular track of their academic progress in internal school tests or exams.

How to Find Marks Percentage on Calculator?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use EuroSchool Marks Percentage online:
Step 1: Ensure to fill the input field with correct numbers
Step 2: After filling in all the information, click on the ‘Submit’ button to get an overall accurate marks percentage.
Step 3: Click on the ‘Reset’ button to calculate the new marks percentage.


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What is Meant by Marks Percentage?

The term ‘Marks Percentage’ represents the overall marks obtained by a student in a particular school examination and internal test. The marks percentage provides an overview of marks obtained by students in all subjects combined together.

Formula to Find Marks Percentage

The formula for calculating marks percentage is:

Marks Percentage = (Marks Obtained/Total marks) x 100

How to Calculate Marks Percentage?

One can calculate accurate and effective marks percentages using the above-mentioned formula. Let us take some common examples to understand where and how you can use the formula

Example 1
A student scored 480 out of 600 total marks.
Marks Percentage Formula = (Marks Obtained/Total marks) x 100
(480/600) x 100 = 80%
Hence, the student scored 80%

Example 2
A student 72 in a 100-mark mathematics paper.
Marks Percentage Formula = (Marks Obtained/Total marks) x 100
(72/100) x 100 = 72%
Hence, the students 72 % in mathematics paper.

How to Calculate Average Marks Percentage?

The term ‘Average marks’ is the total number of marks obtained by a student in different subjects and assessments. Here are some examples to calculate average marks percentage.
Example 1
Maths paper percentage= 70%
Science= 60%
English= 80%
Average marks Percentage = (70+60+80)/3 = 70%

Example 2
1st terms exam marks= 70%
2nd terms exam marks= 72%
3rd terms exam marks= 75%
Average marks Percentage = (70+72+75)/3 = 72.33%

FAQs On Marks Percentage Calculator

Q1. How do I calculate my marks in percentage?

With the help of online marks percentage calculators, you can effectively and quickly get accurate marks percentages for your exams.

Q2. What is the formula for calculating percentages?

The formula to calculate marks percentage is: (marks obtained/ total marks) x 100

Q3. How to calculate the final exam marks percentage?

Take an aggregate of marks obtained in an examination, divide it by the total marks, and multiply the number by 100. You will get the final marks percentage of your exam.

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