Best CBSE School in Wakad, Pune

At EuroSchool near Wakad, Pune, our initiatives and energies are focused on fostering a schooling ecosystem that delivers the joy of learning to every child through our experienced teachers. Moulding children into the best versions of themselves is our unwavering commitment. For this, we employ our balanced schooling philosophy and use innovative teaching methods to enable every child to discover his or her true self.

One of the best schools in Pune, EuroSchool Wakad CBSE, is built on the fundamentals that great quality teaching shapes the right characteristics in a child. Our highly motivated teachers follow a personalised approach to help realise each child’s goals and true potential and work hard to create the best schooling experience powered by the great ambience, and multifaceted infrastructure to nurture young minds.

Best Learning Practices

Dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere.

Why Choose EuroSchool Wakad (CBSE)?

EuroSchool Wakad stands out from other institutes due to the following reasons:

Qualified teachers: All educators at EuroSchool attend a 60-hour training program to enhance their teaching strategies, and expertise, and use global teaching practices to offer the best learning to our students.
High-end security: All our campuses are equipped with high-end security measures such as CCTV cameras, GPS-tracker-enabled school buses, and more.
Various learning programs: With our advanced learning initiatives-ARGUS and ASPIRE, we offer digital learning and skill development programs to our students. Through these programs, students can get easy access to live classes, digital textbooks, etc. They also get opportunities to identify their fields of interest and master particular skills under the guidance of industry experts.


Discover the Joy of Learning! EuroSchool envisions a wise world led by intelligent youth. The institution has one of the best in-class infrastructures in the country to nurture the aspirations and dreams of young children. Through its balanced schooling concept, EuroSchool strives to develop 9 kinds of intelligence, facilitated by encouraging kids to participate in the different clubs steered by experts!

Principal Speak

School Leader at CBSE EuroSchool Near Wakad, Pune

Ms Gursimran Kaur - Principle of CBSE Wakad, Pune
Ms Gursimran Kaur
“At EuroSchool Wakad CBSE, we are committed to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where every student feels a sense of belonging, valued, and supported. Community, to us, means finding like-minded individuals who share the same vision for holistic education and personal growth. It is through this collective dedication that we lay the foundation for a whole and healthy community, where each member is encouraged to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. Every child is unique and has an innate potential that can be harnessed by offering him/her an enabling environment. This was the founding principle of EuroSchool in 2009. With a network of 16 schools across major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune, EuroSchool has established itself as a leading institution dedicated to excellence in education. Our growth is a reflection of the trust and support bestowed upon us by parents and educators alike.”

Best in Class School Amenities

Our Campus

First Certified Safe School


Euroschool is the first school in India to be a Bureau Veritas Certified Safe School.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras in the school campus and GPS enabled school buses make it a safe school for children.


Digitally enabled classrooms with finger touch-based learning systems that will allow educators to teach through pictures, diagrams, videos and animations.

Library and Science Lab

A well stocked school library and a German engineered Science laboratory are made available to our students to help them with their academic curriculum.

Extracurricular activities

A school ground and courts for outdoor school sports like Cricket, Tennis, Basketball & a skating rink along with a space for indoor sports like Gymnastics, TT & Taekwondo.

Being affiliated with the CBSE board, the EuroSchool Wakad believes in the philosophy of balanced schooling. We have classes that start from pre-primary to class 9.

Our ‘Child First’ ideology aims at delivering quality teaching to kindergarten kids so that they can understand their strengths and know where they can thrive.

Our school offers nursery and junior KG admissions. At this stage, we emphasise play-based learning.

For primary school students from classes 1 to 5, our school strengthens foundational academic skills and encourages holistic development through many activities.
For students in classes 6 to 8, our school focuses on developing critical thinking and analytical skills.
Our secondary school students in class 9 are provided with a well-rounded education that helps them prepare for future academic challenges.

Top CBSE School In Wakad, Pune

At the EuroSchool Wakad CBSE campus, we provide quality education from nursery to class 9. We are known as one of the top CBSE schools near Wakad, Pune as we are focused on providing a unique schooling ecosystem that offers children the joy of learning through a wide range of experiences. Moreover, our school ranks 3rd in Education World’s 2019 list of Emerging High Potential Schools.

Our educators at EuroSchool create a positive schooling environment for little ones through love, care, and attention. EuroSchool also offers various amenities such as a football field, basketball court, swimming pool, a 500-seater auditorium, science labs and a well-stocked library.

About EuroSchool

EuroSchool is powered by the Lighthouse Learning Group, one of India’s leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education groups. Our group is committed to building a robust foundation & new-age skills in future generations with student-centred goals that align its network of over 1,600 pre-schools and 54 schools. Lighthouse Learning Group delivers the joy of learning to over 175,000 children every day and employs a talented workforce of over 15,000 people across its office and campuses located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad.

Our education system is tailored to help children come out with flying colours. We also provide a variety of personal well-being programmes such as ARGUS, ASPIRE, Centre Of Wellbeing, Cerebrum and more that aim at fostering a safe space for growing children. EuroSchool offers education at all levels and with equal priority, starting with nursery admission and continuing through junior and senior kindergarten, primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools.

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AY 2024-2025

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Locate Us

EuroSchool Wakad (CBSE)

Address: Survey No. 81 (Part), Wakad Marunji Road, Wakad, Pune – 411057
Landmark: Bhumkar Chowk

Call: +917030258585 / +917030358585

FAQs on EuroSchool Wakad

Are there any CBSE schools in Wakad, Pune?

Yes, EuroSchool Wakad is one of the top CBSE schools in Pune’s Wakad area that provides education from nursery to class 9.

Do CBSE schools near Wakad offer any amenities for sports?

One of the best CBSE schools in the Wakad area, EuroSchool Wakad offers various amenities such as a football field, a basketball court, indoor sports facilities, a swimming pool, and much more.

What is the process to seek admission at EuroSchool's CBSE school in Wakad?

You must go through the following steps to seek admission at EuroSchool Wakad:
● Schedule a consultation with our counsellor. ● Collect the school prospectus to learn about our school. ● Submit the admission form and a few important documents. ● Enrol your child for our Child Skill Assessment Session. To learn more about the EuroSchool admission process, please visit the School Admissions page on our website.

What are the documents needed for admission at EuroSchool CBSE Wakad?

The documents needed for admission at EuroSchool Wakad (CBSE) are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • Progress report for the previous grade (in case of admission for higher grades)
  • Original hard copy of the school leaving certificate (in case of admission for higher grades)
  • Vaccination records (in case of pre-primary admission)

How does EuroSchool Wakad update parents regarding their child's progress?

At EuroSchool Wakad, we conduct periodical parent-teacher meetings to ensure that you get regular and structured feedback regarding your child. You can also track your child’s academic progress on our Parent Connect platform.

What are the things to consider before selecting a CBSE school near Wakad?

There are certain vital factors that can greatly influence your decision to select a CBSE school in Wakad for your child. They are as follows:

  • Location – The location of the school plays a vital role in influencing your decision. A centrally located school can reduce the travel time for you and your child.
  • Faculty – Learn how well-trained and experienced the school’s teachers are. Besides, understand their teaching techniques, and check if that matches with your little one’s learning pattern.
  • Curriculum – The s school curriculum should be such that it allows students to know their strengths and makes them self-reflective learners.
  • Infrastructure – Ensure that the school has all the modern amenities required for your little one to succeed.
  • Safety and security – Check the school campus and ensure that it has CCTV cameras installed at every corner to ensure your child’s safety.

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