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Unlocking the Benefits: 12 Reasons to Learn Abacus


With the technological advancements of the 21st century, it is no wonder that the new generation of students is opting for more modern learning methods, such as digital devices and apps. However, more traditional forms of learning, such as the abacus, a simple tool that has been used for thousands of years, have become increasingly popular. This conventional tool has the potential to help students master basic math operations more enjoyably.

In this blog, we will explore the 12 essential benefits of learning an abacus for student success and how learning an abacus can aid in developing more vital problem-solving abilities and even improve concentration levels in students. Discover why you should be reading on and consider teaching your children or students the basics of the abacus today! Enroll your child in the best CBSE School in India, and take admission today to secure their learning career.

What is the Abacus?

The abacus consists of a frame with beads or discs that can be moved up and down on wire rods. Each row of beads represents a different value; the bottom row typically represents units, the next row tens, and so on. To perform a calculation, the user manipulates the beads to create the desired number and then uses their fingers to count the total.

The Advantages of An Abacus

To begin with, an abacus for kids helps them better understand the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Through hands-on practice on the abacus beads, students gain a visual understanding that allows them to quickly grasp concepts behind these operations, leading to more excellent academic progression.

Additionally, learning abacus encourages critical thinking capabilities as students calculate numbers mentally, along with manually positioning the beads on the frame. Engaging both cognitive pathways allows them to develop an aptitude for problem-solving and planning –skills that will continue to benefit them in all aspects of life!

With an abacus, a student’s attention span can increase significantly since they need heightened concentration when counting beads. The use of an abacus ensures that with improved focus, not only do students reach higher levels of proficiency they also use their time more efficiently, which makes them more likely to succeed in other fields of study as well.

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The 12 Benefits of Learning Abacus

  1. Makes the Brain Work Faster
  2. Abacus is an excellent tool for improving the brain’s processing speed – working memory and long-term memory. This can help students learn faster than if they were reading or listening. Abacus enhances the brain’s processing speed to quickly and efficiently process information. The visual aspect of the abacus also helps with this because it requires more concentration on what’s being done vs. writing out information on paper or typing it into a computer.

    The advantage of using an abacus for kids is its ability to stimulate all the four sensory faculties involved: visual processing/perception along with motor behavior/movement control; auditory perception/hearing, further enhancing our ability to retain new information!

  3. Enhances Photographic Memory
  4. Using an abacus enhances photographic memory in students – the ability to recall images, sounds, and other sensory experiences with greater accuracy. Since this type of memory simultaneously exercises the left and right brain, it leads to better focus and concentration. Furthermore, it also enhances visual and auditory memory.

  5. Two-Way Concentration
  6. The use of the abacus develops a two-way concentration in students. This means they can focus on a specific task for a long time without getting distracted by something else. The advantage of the abacus is that it trains students to look at a problem and perform mental calculations before they choose to write it down, which requires a high concentration and focus on the numbers. This is why learning abacus helps students develop their mental mathematical abilities faster than ever before.

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  7. Builds Task Switching & Multi-Tasking Ability
  8. Abacus is a multi-tasking tool that helps improve attention and concentration, especially for students with hectic schedules. Learning an abacus makes it easier for them to shift between tasks without waiting for their brain to switch gears. As they practice using the abacus, their brain becomes more efficient at switching between tasks. Even though they may be doing multiple things at once, it feels like the functions are happening in sequence and therefore is less distracting and overwhelming.

  9. Improves Mental Alertness and Problem-Solving skills
  10. Learning the abacus is a mental exercise. It trains the brain to process information more efficiently, improving the student’s ability to focus and retain information. It helps students develop associative memory and think out of the box to develop creative solutions to problems, which means they can solve problems faster!

  11. Higher Accuracy and Speed in Calculations
  12. An abacus is a tool that can help you learn faster, more accurately, and with less frustration. This is because the abacus uses numbers rather than symbols to represent numbers. A quicker and more accurate calculation ability is an advantage of learning the abacus, as children can ace tests involving more significant numbers.

  13. Improve Listening Skills and Focus Power
  14. Listening skills are essential for students because they help them understand the teacher and the subject better. Learning abacus helps students understand concepts and instructions better. Through improved listening skills, the students learn to focus on what is being said and match it with the movement of their teachers in the room.

  15. Auditory & Visual Memory Skills
  16. An abacus is a tool that helps in the development of auditory and visual memory. Students can study how to recall numbers while listening, repeating them correctly, and remembering the position of numbers on the abacus. This is especially beneficial for kids with difficulty processing information through their minds or bodies.

  17. Greater Eye to Hand Coordination
  18. Another advantage of the abacus is its ability to improve hand-eye coordination, which is essential for learning. Eye-hand coordination is vital for many day-to-day activities of students. For example, it helps to improve eye-hand coordination in sports and arts and crafts.

  19. Improves Motor Skills
  20. Learning the abacus improves fine motor skills and grip strength while developing the visualization skills required to keep track of numbers. The manual dexterity required to manipulate the beads on an abacus is also increased by learning the abacus.

  21. Enhances Social Skills
  22. Children who learn abacus get ample opportunities to interact with each other while solving problems, which builds good social skills like team spirit, cooperation, delegation, sense of accomplishment, thus improving their overall development as an individual in the process. Abacus not only helps students to feel more confident in their math skills but can also help to increase their self-esteem.

  23. Sharper Observation skills
  24. As students look out for the best way to reach a solution, they learn to assess and observe the different patterns and methods of calculation thoroughly when using the abacus. This makes them quick and efficient, and sharp observers enhance their attention to detail.


The abacus is a simple yet effective tool that can help students build different things, from concentration and focus to brain development and math skills. Learning the abacus is a great way to improve your child’s abilities and make them more capable with their studies and in all areas of their life, such as when playing sports or doing an analytical task. Starting abacus training at an early age has its advantages. Students can develop a better understanding of the concepts and can also progress at a faster rate. Suppose you are looking for an activity to help build memory power, hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and many other mental abilities. In that case, this could be a perfect choice. Enroll now for CBSE and ICSE admission for your child, and give them the best learning environment with fun-based activities and safe surroundings.

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