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Book Nooks: Where to Find the Best Children’s Libraries in Bangalore

libraries in bangalore

Books play a crucial role in a child’s cognitive development, boosting their creativity. Reading books provides portals into both actual and imaginative worlds. It invites you to explore the lives and thoughts of other people, creatures, and cultures. This increases empathy, curiosity, and a greater sense of acceptance.

The libraries are more than just book repositories. They are nurturing grounds for young readers. Libraries develop a love of literature that continues for generations.  In this blog, we will explore the best libraries in Bangalore for children.

Why Libraries are Important for Children?

Libraries are spaces for young readers to explore and imagine a world beyond their own. They are also a major source of information for children. Kids can interact with other book enthusiasts in these libraries, which helps them gain new perspectives on life.

Several events and activities take place at libraries geared toward young children. They conduct activities to encourage engagement with the arts and creativity. Kid’s libraries also conduct competitions, interactions with authors, storytelling sessions, and book readings. This encourages children to express themselves more creatively.

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Criteria for Good Children Libraries in Bangalore

Selecting a good book library in Bangalore for children can be a task in itself. It requires careful examination of several factors. Let’s check them out!

  • Vast Collection: When searching for children’s libraries in Bangalore, you should look for libraries with diverse book collections. The collection should appeal to kid’s special interests.
  • Exciting Ambiance: Look for libraries that provide a friendly learning environment. This includes comfortable seating, aesthetics, and interactive sections that spark curiosity and creativity.
  • Programs for Children: Consider well-organised rooms with kid-friendly books and vibrant visuals. Most libraries in Bangalore offer storytelling sessions, book clubs, and educational programs to boost kids’ reading experiences and foster their love of books.
  • Qualified Staff: The libraries should have courteous and qualified staff. The staff should understand the needs of children, creating a welcoming atmosphere for young visitors.

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Top Libraries in Bangalore for Children

Libraries can be an escape for book lovers and those who like silence. Here are some of the best libraries in Bangalore for your little bookworms:

  1. BookGuru
  2. Located in Bellandur, Bangalore, BookGuru is one of the best libraries in Bangalore. They have a massive collection of the most recent non-fiction and fiction books gathered from across the globe. Book

    They provide a book club, a rewards program, and tailored services with assessments and recommendations. This encourages kids to read. BookGuru also offers an easy-to-use app for remote book selection.

  3. MyMitra Children’s Library
  4. MyMitra Children’s Library in Jayanagar has a wide range of books for children of all ages. You can find books for all ages here.

    It also has a good collection of fiction and non-fiction books for grown-ups. You may also get self-help, bilingual, and Kannada books in this library.

  5. ThinkBox Children’s Library
  6. ThinkBox, which opened in early 2008, is a children’s library equipped with books and games. It is located on Malleshpalya Main Road in Bangalore. The library has been open for more than a decade and has served hundreds of local youngsters.

    They also have a limited selection of adults, such as the moms who came in with their children. They provide over 10,000 books and periodicals, ensuring that everyone has what they need.

  7. HippoCampus Children’s Library
  8. HippoCampus Children’s at Koramangala is a dynamic two-story area with 17,000 books. Beyond the usual quiet library, children can enjoy other activities such as carrom.

    They recently introduced bibliotherapy to help people navigate life’s problems. Furthermore, an outside space with a mango tree, fish pond, and sand pit adds to the appeal for young readers.

  9. I-Cue
  10. I-Cue Education Solutions India focuses on children’s reading requirements. They provide a subscription-based reading program every month for children aged 6 months to 12 years.

    By enrolling in the program, the kid receives a Book Kit delivered to their home. This contains a well-researched and age-appropriate set of 5 books

  11. KydZ Adda
  12. KydZ Adda is located in Banashankari, Bangalore. It’s a library with a soft play and activity center. It is a one-stop place for all families with young children. It includes safe and clean indoor play areas for kids, a cafe, a kid’s library, and a variety of activities.

    This place is suitable for children aged 1-13 years.  The library here offers over 1000 books. Books keep the little bookworms entertained when they want to take a break from playing.

  13. Kids Kouch
  14. Kids Kouch in Marathalli, Bangalore, is a kid’s furniture brand with a 12,000-book library. The collection includes board and picture books for a reference section for school projects. They also have a dedicated corner for foreign language books.

    They have a big assortment of Level Reader Books that are graded based on the child’s reading aptitude. Additionally, they provide a unique collection of adult novels. The books are available for parents.

  15. Inferalpha Children’s Library
  16. Located on Kaggadasapura Road, Bangalore, this place began it’s operation in 2013. They provide personalised book recommendations for your child. The library contains books for children aged 0 to 10.

    They include everything from classics to folktales, as well as Kannada-language books. If a book isn’t available, they go out of their way to find it for you.

Let reading be your kid’s favourite hobby. Introducing your kids to libraries is one of the best ways to achieve that. Top libraries in Bangalore are enriched with quality kid-friendly books and provide your kids with the perfect environment for reading. So, why wait? Let your kids start their reading journeys with the best children’s libraries in Bangalore.

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