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A Fun Day at Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoological Park

nehru zoological park

Looking for an interesting field trip that’s both educational & entertaining? Look no further than Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoological Park! This extensive zoo flaunts an interesting collection of animals from the king of the jungle to colourful birds and also prehistoric reptiles.

Keep reading to know why it’s an excellent location for a family getaway or an action-packed school trip for your kid.

About Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park, founded in 1959, is spread in area of around 380 acres in Bahadurpura, Hyderabad.

  • With over 1,500 different varieties of plants and animals, the Nehru Zoological Park is widely regarded as one of the best-kept zoos in Asia.
  • It hosts different species such as mynahs, chimpanzees white peacocks, African Elephants, and rhinoceros.
  • It holds the distinction as the first zoo to create moated enclosures for different types of animals.

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Reasons to Visit Jawaharlal Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad

Nehru Zoological Park offers one of the best opportunities for your kids for a close and exciting interaction with a variety of wild species.

  1. Some of the most unusual wildlife species in the world, including the Bengal Tiger, Indian Rhino, Panther, Asiatic Lion, Indian Elephant, etc., may be found here.
  2. It is a breeding ground for a number of spectacular bird species, including manias, doves, pied hornbills, pelicans, finches, lovebirds, peacocks, doves, and parakeets.
  3. The Nehru Zoological Park provides a variety of adventurous safari rides through lush greenery and dense jungles.
  4. It makes an ideal picnic spot for your kids with a pre-historic dinosaur park, a natural history museum, a nocturnal zoo, a mini-train, and animal rides.

Nehru Zoological Park Information for a Perfect Day Outing with Kids

The park has some of the unique attractions for visitors of all age groups. The special attractions that make it an ideal outing spot for kids are:

Safari Parks:

  • The 40-acre Lion Safari Park opened in 1974.
  • The 35-acre Tiger Safari Park opened in 1988.
  • The 17-acre Bear Safari Park opened in 1992.
  • The 8-acre Bison Safari Park opened in 1992.

Butterfly Park:

  • This 1988-founded attraction offers a vast array of butterflies that can be seen all year round.
  • Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoological Park is the first zoo in the nation to open a butterfly-only park.

Nocturnal Animal House:

  • It houses nocturnal animals, like bats, loris, civets, owls, cats, and others,
  • To enable these animals to be active during visitation hours, the night and day cycles have been purposefully reversed at the Nocturnal Animal House.

Jurassic Park:

Your kids will be thrilled to see life-size replicas of numerous dinosaur species, including Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

Fish Aquarium:

The expansive aquarium at the park houses a variety of aquatic creatures, including both freshwater and marine waters.

Natural History Museum:

  • It includes a range of exhibitions on the preservation of biodiversity and interactive panel boards.
  • It includes animal noises, animal artifacts like feathers and pug marks, and taxidermy models of various animals.

Park Timings

The park is open for all the months of the year. The park timings are:



April to June

8 AM to 5 PM

July to March

8:30 AM to 5 PM


Every Monday

Please note that the last entry ticket for the park is issued at 4.00 PM.

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Entry Fees of Nehru Zoological Park

The park has various kinds of safari and experiences for a perfect fun day for family outings and school picnics. Each activity has a different entry fee for adults and children. Have a look below:



Weekends & Public Holidays


Adult- 70/-

Children- 45/-

Adult- 80/-

Children- 55/-

Still Camera



Video Camera



Nocturnal Animal House

Adult- 20/-

Children- 10/-

Adult- 20/-

Children- 10/-

Toy Train Ride

Adult- 45/-

Children- 25/-

Adult- 45/-

Children- 25/-

Battery operated vehicle (BOV)

Adult- 95/-

Children- 60/-

Adult- 110/-

Children- 70/-

New BOV – 11 seater & 60 minutes duration



Fish Aquarium



Reptile House

Adult- 30/-

Children- 10/-

Adult- 30/-

Children- 10/-

Safari Drive (20 minutes)

Adult- 80/-

Children- 45/-

Adult- 80/-

Children- 45/-

AC Safari (Adult & Child)



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Best Time to Visit Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad

Even though Nehru Zoological Park is open year-round, winter is the ideal season to visit because of the lower temperatures that make for pleasant exploration.

The best times to schedule a trip to the park are in January to March & October to December. You can choose any activity during these months to get the most out of your journey.

How to Reach Nehru Zoological Park

You can reach the park by various modes like train, road and air. The distance is:

  • Bus Stand – 6 Km from MGBS Bus Station
  • Railway Station – 7 km from Hyderabad Deccan / Nampally Railway Station
  • Airport – 20 km from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Points to keep in mind prior to visiting Nehru Zoological Park with Kids

  • Visit early to buy entry tickets specifically on weekends as there is huge rush.
  • It will take a minimum of 3-4 hrs to explore the whole park so prepare your journey accordingly.
  • If you’re bringing food or any other products with you, pack it in cloth or paper bags as plastic is completely forbidden inside the park.
  • Bring necessary products like packed food, paper napkins and also water for kids.

A visit to the Nehru Zoological Park is an opportunity to reconnect with nature, witness the marvels of the animal kingdom and also create unforgettable memories. It’s an excellent getaway for kids to learn, enjoy and explore.

EuroSchool promotes a holistic environment for your kid, and a journey to the zoo can be an excellent expansion of classroom learning on wild animals & preservation.

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