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5 Books About Getting a New Pet

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Today we have a captivating subject to delve into. This blog by EuroSchool aims to provide you with insights into the significance of acquiring a companion animal. Owning a pet offers many benefits.

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Benefits of new pet

We have outlined some of these benefits below:

Reduced stress and anxiety.

You see, pets have a natural tendency to keep you engaged and always on your toes, thus keeping you busy and helping you to avoid stressful situations or not letting you be in one for too long.

Being responsible.

Having a pet requires dedication and accountability. Regardless of your age it is important to step up and take responsibility for your companion. Remember, taking care of your pet is essential and involves ensuring you always have a supply of necessities that are suitable for your companion, never missing any veterinary appointments and the list just goes on.


Pets make you punctual, as every pet has a routine. They have specific nap times, walk times, time to play, and time to eat. Since everything about a pet is so timely and you have to manage a constant routine, you tend to become more punctual in your day-to-day life as well.

Health benefits

When you own a pet, they tend to increase the opportunity and frequency of exercise because you have to take them on walks. Your outdoor activity increases, and you also get a chance to socialize more often. Playing with your pet in a park leads you to meeting more people, thus being more social.


The need to regularly maintain pet care by taking your pet for a walk or play with them makes you consistent in your day-to-day life, as you have to follow a certain routine to maintain your pet’s health and well-being.

Do away with risky diseases

Since you have consistent physical activity, even if it is just a walk with your pet, it helps you immensely. So, having a pet helps you to reduce blood pressure levels, regulates cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels, thus keeping you healthy overall.

Best companions

Pets are the best companions one can ever have. They help in managing loneliness and depression. They give good cuddles, and they are great listeners too.

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Books about getting a new pet

Here are some books that are widely recommended, which will give you an insight into getting a new pet and all about pet supplies.

1. Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days” by Brandon McMillan.

The author has knowledge and expertise as a celebrity dog trainer. He has mentioned a few important and relevant techniques to train your dog in just seven days. This book will establish trust and teach your dog the basic commands to follow. It will also help you to fix some common behaviour issues with house training, door-dashing, and much more.

2. Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat” by Jackson Galaxy.

This book helps you with the most important problems, like the litter box. It helps you to understand your pet and avoid any aggression. It teaches you how to know when your cat lacks confidence or has lost their mojo. The author has created this comprehensive guide in the form of this book to understand cat behaviours. It has insights on specific pet care. This book emphasizes on new pets and stress-free pet care, be it grooming, trips to the vet, getting pet supplies, and even simply coexisting with a pet.

3. 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog” by Kyra Sundance.

This book is a perfect match for you, if you have a new pet or you intend to get a new pet, or even if you are just looking to teach your new pet more than just to sit and stand. The author has shared instructions in this book that will help you. You will learn every trick, as well as how to deal with difficult problems that new pet owners face. This book has photos with each step specified which makes it very easy-to-follow, and it is made easy to understand by the author.

4. The Bunny Lover’s Complete Guide to House Rabbits: The Ultimate Handbook for Successfully Living Indoors with a Pet Rabbit” by The Bunny Guy.

Since house rabbits and bunnies are getting popular as new pets, this book comes with pet care instructions. The author has mentioned everything a new pet owner needs to know. The book discusses pet care specifically focusing on the factors to consider when deciding if a pet rabbit is a good choice for you. It provides insights into providing nutrition for your pet and creating an environment for your rabbit.

5. The Complete Pet Bird Owner’s Handbook” by Gary A. Gallerstein.

This book is essential to any new pet bird owner. If you are looking to understand your bird’s nutritional requirements or behaviour, what medical care does your bird pet need, this book covers all of it for you. The author explains how to understand some warning signs that your new pet needs medical assistance.  As well as how you can help them achieve optimal health.

Good pet owners are always very grateful to good vets. It is because of their optimal inputs a pet can live a healthy and a happy life. Hence, here is a little background on World Veterinary Day.

The World Veterinary Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in April annually. World Veterinary Day is a celebration of the veterinary profession. The day is to remember and honour all the life-saving work that a Veterinary performs. Veterinarians around the world are those professionals that give our paws and fur babies’ good health and sometimes save their lives too. If you have a pet, it is certain that you have a vet to take care of all the vaccines and routine check-ups. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to your veterinarian this year for everything they’ve done for your friend and for you.

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Here at EuroSchool, we work with kids to help them develop a positive feeling for pets and other things in life, which contributes towards a child’s confidence. A positive relationship with a pet can definitely help in the development of trust and other relationships. Since pets are the best companions, a good relationship with your pet also helps to develop non-verbal communication skills. It teaches children to be compassionate and have empathy for pets and others as well.

If you have had a recent request from your child for a dog, a cat, a turtle, a hamster, or perhaps any other pet, please accept their request as your child will have more appreciation for life and will become more responsible for the pet they own.

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