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10 Creative Bead Crafts for Kids

bead crafts for kids

Jewellery-making isn’t the only use for bead crafts for kids! They are fantastic bead crafts ideas and techniques to encourage creativity in kids and help them develop their fine motor abilities. Beads can be fluorescent, glittering, and illuminating at night, and they can be of any form or size. Enjoy creating adorable bead crafts ideas such as charming creatures, clothing, and even extra storage! Just be careful not to let your child put them in his or her mouth. Here are a few ideas if you are not able to put things together.

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Fish pony bead craft

These incredibly easy pony bead crafts ideas for kids will keep them occupied all summer long while calming them down for some quite imaginative activities. The craft, snack, and lesson on the loaves and fishes from the Bible (John 6:1-6:13) can all be planned around a common subject.


  • Pony beads
  • fuzzy sticks – 24

On the fuzzy sticks, arrange the pony beads. The stick should be folded in half to resemble a fish, then its ends should be twisted together just above the beads. To keep the fishtail in place, bend the ends well. Bead crafts ideas like these are very entertaining.

Bookmark bead craft

Bead crafts ideas like bookmarks are very rare to find therefore your kid should try this. This project will let you create your own bookmark whether your child is a reader or simply wants one for a specific book. Instead of wasting time going to or searching for the page they were reading, it enables them to quickly access it. Bead activities for preschoolers like bookmarks are made with the following supplies.


  • There are two main components: beads and charms.
  • String of beads
  • Beads that are small or crimping and have various shapes and patterns
  • Scissors


Choose the kinds of books your child will read, then gauge the beading cord size depending on their choices.

After leaving 4-6 inches of cord on either end, cut it to that length.

Keep room to knot twice at the end after adding the beads.

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Melted beads accessories craft

Bead activities for preschoolers, activities for young girls. Additionally, they create the nicest homemade gifts and party favours that their pals would be proud to display. Bead crafts ideas in the melted bead form are very creative.


  • Pony-bead paper in various colours
  • oven for toaster
  • acrylic glue
  • Tick-tack clips and rings


Set the toaster oven’s temperature to 425 F.

Stack a cookie sheet on top of parchment paper for baking.

Place the beads in the desired shapes on the paper.

You can combine the colours and experiment with different schemes.

While the earrings will melt in eight to ten minutes, the flowers will take ten. (The gas grill can also be used to melt beads).

Pull them out once they have cooled, then use tic-tac clips or rings to attach them for decorating.

Plastic Bead Bowl craft

Bead art ideas like plastic bead bowl craft are very interesting. This bright bowl is simple to construct and will be used to store your child’s art tools, little trinkets, and treasures in their playroom or as a decorative item.


  • Holes in plastic beads
  • Oven-safe bowls
  • Frying fluid
  • Instructions for cooking spray

Pour a lot of oil into the bowl to cover it. To release the final bowl, use a frying spray or a napkin to rub oil onto all the bowl’s sides. This helps the beads adhere to the bowl.

Pour the beads into the dish, either standing them up or laying them on their sides. To ensure that there are no gaps, make sure to gather the beads tightly.

Turn the oven on to 200 degrees. Incorporate the bowl.

Hungry caterpillar bead craft

Whether or whether your child has a pet caterpillar, engaging them in this art activity will help you teach them about the butterfly’s life cycle. As youngsters get creative with their selection of bead colours, it also involves threading, which is beneficial for hand dexterity. Cleaning up at the end is simple and quick because adhesive is not required. Bead activities for preschoolers like a hungry caterpillar are kids favourite.

Things you require

  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Round wooden bead – A few
  • A couple of pencils or pens
  • A small piece of green paper with instructions

To stop the beads from falling off, fold the last 1/2 inch of the pipe cleaner over a few times.

As soon as you have about 2 inches left, start placing beads in alternate colours and pushing them to the other end.

The remaining pipe cleaner can be used to make two antennas by folding them into a M shape and tucking it back into the final bead.

The mouth and eyes should be drawn with a pen or pencil.

Create a leaf form out of a scrap of green paper. Cut semi circles along the length of the fold after folding it in half.

To thread the caterpillar, open the leaf and do so.

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Beaded Circle Necklace

With seed beads, it’s simple to make a stylish circle pendant, and this pattern is a nice illustration. You’ll like how easy it is to construct, and the finished necklace may be worn with either casual or formal attire.

You should be comfortable working on the brick stitch flat before starting this project because the Beaded Circle Necklace utilises seed beads. However, if you’ve used the brick stitch before, this pendant comes together quickly.

To thread the caterpillar, open the leaf and do so.

Friendship belts

Bracelets for friends are just so much fun. Here are some fantastic bead art ideas to get you started, whether you’re making them as a gift for a friend or to enjoy together.

As they did at Muffin Chanel, created a friendship bracelet with a meaningful message. To spell a friend’s name, a team name, or the phrase BFF, use alphabet beads. They can be strung onto fishing lines, yarn, or string. Pipe cleaners are a simple answer for this craft, which is very popular with younger children. Little hands can easily thread them onto pipe cleaners, and they are simple to resize to the proper size. Bead art ideas like friendship belts are the most popular.

Melted Pony Bead Crafts

As they did at Sunshine Whispers, they created colourful pony bead art ideas like sun catchers using metal cookie cutters and pony beads. Use a toaster oven outside (which is the best option because melting plastic releases a pungent stench inside) or bake anything in your oven with the windows open. Making these is so much fun, and they always turn out well. For every holiday, create a unique form. Even young children can work on this craft to great success.

Pony Bead Keychain crafts

Making pony bead keychains is a lot of fun and they aren’t just for drivers. Kids also enjoy fastening them to their lunch boxes, water bottles, pencil pouches, and backpacks. Create customized keychains as gifts, for Valentine’s Day, or for your own use.

DIY plastic bead suncatchers

Such a classic craft, these plastic bead suncatchers. The procedure hasn’t really changed much since I was a child and I recall completing these at summer camp.

All you need to make these is a disposable muffin tray and a selection of plastic beads.

Such distinctive suncatchers can be made by combining various hues. Kids will love working on this activity, and even little children can contribute by making their own drawings.

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If you enjoy beading, you are likely always looking for fresh concepts and sources of inspiration. There are more Bead activities for preschoolers’ options available at EuroSchool than ever before, and it’s interesting to consider them all.

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