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Easy Diwali Drawing Ideas

Easy Diwali Drawing

What is Diwali? It is like the Indian Christmas. There are lights, laughter, sweets, traditions, delicacies, new clothes, reunions, family gathering and decorations. The list is never-ending, but who can forget about the crackers and the fireworks? It all looks so dreamy and surreal. Everyone, especially children, are so enthusiastic around this time of the year. The offerings, the gifts, the chores and the customs all make it so divine.

The spirit of this festival is not restricted to just the things mentioned above. There is so much more that we can do, such as having competitions of sweet making, rangoli drawing and also Diwali drawing for kids.

So, today we will talk about a very specific yet interesting topic: the best Diwali drawing for children. As far as the Diwali theme drawing goes, it has to be so special and easy, because we can list a ton of things from the top of our heads. Who can forget about the special Diwali sweets like karanji, ladoo, shankarpara, and so many more! These Diwali drawings for kids can be so easily sketched under the Diwali theme drawings.

Along with the sweets come very specific traditions that differ from state to state in India, each one having their own cultural traditions to follow and creating more room for the Diwali drawing for kids. India has such a huge ethnicity and each carries value to us. Let us talk a little about the fascinating traditions that are followed during Diwali.

You will see people of all castes and religions wearing their finest clothes, which break all barriers and bring in the great spirit of festivity to welcome the festival of lights. People can go beyond redemption at times when it comes to illuminating the interiors and exteriors of their homes. Walls freshly painted, deep cleaned and lots of diyas and rangoli. You will find various types of earthen lamps and lanterns, stars and candles, which seem to make a home noticeable from afar.

The specific tradition followed is to perform a worship ceremony of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. You will hear bhajan and kirtan and lots of music and dance everywhere. Post the pooja, parents take their children for a picture-perfect moment to light fireworks, and partake in the distribution of mithai (usually homemade sweets) and gifts, sharing love and harmony with family and friends and start igniting the best Diwali drawing opportunity.

During Diwali, the grand pomp and joy comes when we go shopping for clothes. The traditional outfits for Diwali are shararas and ghararas, kurtas and pyjamas, sarees and salwars, kurta and dhoti, lehengas and choli. Usually, you would see some best Diwali drawings for kids that depict these clothes and moments.

Every year ends with a celebration, crackers, and positivity. The main purpose of Diwali celebration is the defeat of evil and welcoming the joy of prosperity during Diwali. It is the best time of the year because the whole nation is celebrating this festival together with all the joy and cheer. Crackers and lights depict a significant part of this celebration. This too is usually found as a Diwali theme drawing.

Children or adults, everyone enjoys this festival to their heart’s content, and there is so much energy filled among the young and old around this time of the year. As parents, we want you to contribute to a child’s happiness and introduce them to the world of creativity, art, and craft. The special creativity required for crafts will need the involvement of children and parents, thus making it a great family activity for the holiday. So, you can give children a list of Diwali drawings for kids, you could find these on the internet nowadays. Your kid can choose the most convenient and easy Diwali theme drawing from all the options available.

Here are some ideas for Diwali drawing for children. There is a list of free Diwali drawings for kids that can be printed from the internet. Nowadays, finding Diwali drawings for kids online is as easy as cutting a cake. One could find some of these children’s books readily available on online shops, these are inclusive of a list of free printable Diwali drawings for kids, such as coloring books for different age groups. Colors and crayons of different types, Diwali pictures that kids can overdraw and color as well.

On the day of Diwali, kids are so delighted with all the celebrations going on around them, so why not bring in some creativity out of them using this unique and exciting opportunity? Use these books and other materials available for Diwali drawing for kids and all the Diwali theme drawings and let their imaginations roll out of the box.

These activities can make a great family gathering. These best Diwali drawings for kids have been around for years but have been getting more popular just in recent times. Nowadays, children need a little help with reference images to bring out the creative side in them. Gathering all the children in the family and making this a yearly activity that children can look forward to every single year, more like making it a family tradition. The only difference is that children need to have a practical idea of these Diwali theme drawings.

At EuroSchool, we know the essence of the growth and ability of every child. We know that before a child can even talk, they sing and before a child can write, they draw. We encourage the creativity of every child, bringing the artist out and helping them to nurture their imagination because as soon as a child stands, they want to run and dance, and we want them to have this upper hand in life. So, why not start it with the auspicious celebration of Diwali?

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