Bangalore’s Best Family Friendly Picnic Spot

Family Picnic Spots in Bangalore

Bangalore is known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ but that doesn’t mean it’s only for adults and their offices in tall glass buildings. Bangalore, on the other hand, is a city that offers plenty of kid-friendly activities. Here is our list of the top family-friendly picnic spots in Bangalore to celebrate life outdoors.

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Picnic Spots in Bangalore

  1. Bannerghatta National Park: Bannerghatta National Park offers day-long enjoyment and adventure. One of the most popular places to visit in Bangalore, this national park is a paradise for animal lovers. The park, spanning 104 square kilometers, is home to a diverse range of animals and bird lives. It also houses a crocodile farm, butterfly garden, and snake park.
  2. The wildlife safari, which lets you witness exotic animals closely, is one of the park’s main attractions. You won’t even need to bring a picnic basket if you decide to have a picnic here because the park is full of dining places, food courts, and canteens that serve delicious meals. It’s the perfect spot to spend a day with the family, especially if you have young kids.

    Location:  21 km via Bannerghatta Road

  3. Ramanagara: What about picnicking at the spot where the cult Hindi film Sholay was shot? Indeed, we are talking about Ramanagara! The rocky terrain that you witnessed in Sholay’s Ramgarh is part of the Ramadevara Betta mountain in this region. Ramanagara is a great place for adventure sports enthusiasts to get a rapid adrenaline boost.
  4. Trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, and open-air camping are all excellent activities in the natural terrain. Even cave exploring is an option! It’s all here in Ramanagara, ready for an exciting day of exploration. Take an approximately one-hour drive from Bangalore to get to this exciting location for a picnic. While you are here, be sure to visit Channapatna (15 km away), a place known for indigenous wooden toys.

    Location: 55 km via NH 275

  5. Skandagiri: Skandagiri, additionally known as Kalavara Durga, is a historic mountain stronghold that is situated at 1350 meters above sea level. Trekking enthusiasts would love exploring the pathways that lead to the fort here. Though the fort is in ruins now, the majestic beauty of the trails will captivate you. Before you get to your destination, you will travel through a maze of lush vegetation.
  6. At the summit of this hill lies an old temple that is still shielded by six stone walls and is well worth a visit for the expansive views it provides. While hiking uphill to the fort, you will also come upon two caverns. After you arrive at the summit, you can unpack your picnic basket and enjoy the treats in the fresh atmosphere.

    Location: 60 km via Bellary Road and NH 44

  7. Avani: Avani is an ideal option if you’re looking for family-friendly picnic locations in Bangalore. Both history fans and adventure seekers will find this small community to be attractive. Rock climbing enthusiasts adore Avani, while those who are interested in historic buildings and monuments come here to visit the Sita Temple. This temple is one of the few in India devoted to Sita, the spouse of Lord Rama. According to legend, this is where Sita lived and gave birth to her twins. You can spend a day in this village taking in the history and the natural surroundings.
  8. Location: 95 km through NH 75

  9. The Chunchi Falls: Chunchi Falls, a natural wonder rising from a steep slope, is nestled in a landscape scattered with rocks. At a height of almost 100 feet, the waterfall floats down to make an appealing pool at the bottom. Having your picnic basket spread out in front of you and sitting atop a tall cliff to watch the waterfall can be an incredible treat. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you may even walk all the way to the waterfalls’ base to take in the breathtaking vistas up close. A peaceful picnic in the middle of nature is made possible by the serene surroundings and the charming waterfall.
  10. Location: 90 km via NH 948

  11. Big Banyan Tree: The Big Banyan Tree at Kethohalli village, also called Dodda Alada Mara locally, is a short drive from Bangalore. This tree is not your typical tree; rather, it is a 400-year-old natural wonder. It is regarded as one of the biggest of its kind and spans a sizable 3 acres (yes, that is accurate). Spreading a mat, setting up board games, opening a picnic basket, and enjoying the sun’s playtime through the leaf canopy are all made possible by this enormous tree, whose over a thousand aerial roots create an impressive maze.
  12. Location: 33 km via NICE Bangalore Mysore Expressway

  13. Muthyala Maduvu: The Pearl Valley sometimes referred to as Muthyala Maduvu, is situated south of Bangalore. A remote valley, beautiful surroundings, and a waterfall cascading over a rocky background sound like your ideal one-day picnic. Pearl Valley is home to numerous exotic bird species and abundant flora and fauna. The primary draw of Pearl Valley is a beautiful waterfall, so named because of the way the water drops fall against the rock surfaces, giving the impression that the valley is made of pearls. Planning a picnic at Muthyala Maduvu is more enjoyable during or after the monsoon season.
  14. Location: 40 km via Hosur Road

  15. Nrityagram: All these things together, Nrityagram is a modern-day Gurukul, a dance hamlet, and an artistic hub. Protima Gauri Bedi, a famous Odissi dancer, model, and actress, set up the place in 1990. You may see how life and art come together while you’re here. And if you are an art enthusiast, you will enjoy coming here to watch the aspiring dancers hone their craft.
  16. A day trip near Bangalore would be perfect in Nrityagram because of its peaceful, tree-studded setting. Your day will be brightened by the village-like setting and the chance to witness students performing ancient Indian dances such as Odissi, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, and more. Additionally, Hesaraghatta Lake, which is close to Nrityagram, is worth a visit.

Location: 38 km via Bellary Road

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Tips for a Perfect Picnic in Bangalore:

If you’re considering taking a vacation to this stunning city in the center of Karnataka, this is something to keep in mind.

  • Pack Essentials: Bring along a picnic basket with snacks, beverages, and a reusable water bottle. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, hats, and mosquito repellent.
  • Comfortable Seating: Carry picnic blankets, mats, or folding chairs for comfortable seating on the grass.
  • Games and Activities: Pack frisbees, balls, or board games to keep everyone entertained.
  • Respect Nature: Ensure you clean up after your picnic and dispose of waste responsibly.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a spontaneous day trip, Bangalore’s diverse picnic spots promise a memorable outing for the whole family. Each location offers its unique charm, from serene lakeside tranquility to adventurous wildlife encounters. So, pack your picnic gear, gather your loved ones, and embark on a day of fun, relaxation, and quality time amidst Bangalore’s natural wonders.

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