Nursery Rhymes: Finger Family for Kids

finger family poem

From Hickory Dickory Dock to Old MacDonald Had A Farm, there is something quite unstoppable about nursery rhymes. They defy time. They live on. Even if as relics of a culture long gone. The thing is you cannot help but sing along!

Okay, maybe that rhymes a little bit!

But that is the thing right! That is just one of the superpowers of such beautiful rhythmic poems for kids.

Apart from being highly singable, they have some or the other hidden learning in them. Be it as simple as knowing the cow goes moo or as relevant as learning to overcome your fears (remember Little Miss Muffet?).

There’s always more than meets the eyes and the ears, and the Finger Family poem is no different!

This gem of a poem is an instant hit with kids, sure, but what it also is the cutest little lesson on family and all the lovely members who make it! You will know what we are talking about once you read Finger Family yourself!

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Finger Family Rhyme

The Finger Family song lyrics go something like this –

Daddy finger, Daddy finger

Where are you?

Here I am, here I am

How do you do?

Mommy finger, mommy’s finger

Where are you?

Here I am, here I am

How do you do?

Brother finger, brother’s finger,

Where are you?

Here I am, here I am

How do you do?

Sister finger, sister finger

Where are you?

Here I am, here I am

How do you do?

Baby finger, baby finger

Where are you?

Here I am, here I am

How do you do?

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Finger Family song lyrics: breakdown and summary

We bet you could not help yourself from at least humming this classic! The rhyme scheme is just that infectious!

But that is not the only cool thing about the Finger Family poem.

If you have not guessed it yet, each of the Finger Family rhymes is all about counting and interacting with the members of your family!

The super fun, super simple and easy to repeat rhyme scheme characterises each of a child’s finger as a member of their family so kids end up learning about both the fingers on their hands and the number of members in their family!

Pretty cool, huh? It is quite neat actually how much a simple at face value rhyme can pack in! And this one packs in a lot! Let us break down the Finger Family song lyrics for you.

So you already know in summary, this song is all about counting your family members on your fingers. But which finger is for which family member? That is not mentioned. So we thought we would take matters in our own hand and give you a little bit of reference so you can enact each finger with your child while singing this super catchy song!

  1. Thumb: Short and stout, that is our father finger. Always dependable, always reliable!
  2. Index finger: Slender and authoritative, quite like mommy dearest!
  3. Ring finger: Fourth one from the thumb, this elegant little finger is the sister finger!
  4. Middle finger: Tall and robust, just like big brother. So this one is the brother finger!
  5. Pinky finger: And finally this cute little dinky finger is the baby finger! Basically the one your child will use to refer to themselves in this song. Or if your child has a baby sibling, this finger could be for them too. Imagination is your only limit here!

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Nursery rhyme Finger Family: all your questions answered

More nursery rhyme Finger Family questions swirling around in your head? We thought we would compile a list of your questions with answers of course. So that if need be and if your kids have the same question, you can use these to give them an answer too!

  1. What is the origin story of the Finger Family poem?
  2. In a jungle far, far away… okay, okay you got us! We are kidding. Well, the origins of this poem are kind of unknown, to be honest. Although, the first YouTube video of it was uploaded on May 25th, 2007 so that is something to chew on.

  3. Why is this poem sooooo popular?
  4. Pardon us the extra Os but this poem is really, very popular! And the reason for that, you guessed it, is that it is super catchy! Kids can instantly pick it up and start singing along as if they have known it forever!

    Plus, it is interactive too as each finger of the hand has a role to play and kids can either bring that finger up or put it down when its part comes and just have fun with it. Whatever rolls!

  5. How can you make this song educational for your wee one?
  6. Well, that is easy! By play-acting, of course! Incorporating finger movements into this song as kids sing along is not only great for their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills but it is also a great way to teach them about fingers. And obviously, family members. A double whammy!

  7. Is there an alternative to the Finger Family poem?
  8. Why yes! The Finger Family song has quite a few variations in which the family members are swapped out for something else. Like say vehicles. Or animals. There is a little something for all kinds of interests your little one might have. So you can actually use this song to teach your kids about many, many things!

  9. Is it good if you sing it along with your baby?
  10. Well, of course it is! There are benefits to that. If you sing along, you foster a stronger bond with your baby. Not to mention you also give their social and interactional skills a boost! Plus, you get to join them in their creative movements and expressions and that can be so much fun!

  11. Which age is appropriate for this song?
  12. Honestly, this song is so cute and innocent, you can start singing it to your toddler and then watch them as they sing it back when they start talking! You would really be giving their cognitive and memory skills a boost that way.

We love nursery rhymes like Finger Family! They can be so fun and educational and creative at the same time. Much like the educational methods we use at EuroSchool. Our leading primary, secondary and high school that could just be the perfect one for your kid. Visit us to know more.

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