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Fun Activities in Pune You Must Try With Your Kids

fun activities in pune

Pune, with its crowded streets and dynamic culture, offers a wide array of experiences for families. But what if your kids yearn for a break from the cityscapes and for an adventure under the open skies? Well, have no worries!

There are many fun activities in Pune that guarantee a healthy dose of enjoyment, exploration and family time. So, load your backpacks and explore the range of outdoor activities in Pune to create memories that will certainly last a lifetime!

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List of Fun activities to do in Pune with Kids

  1. Trekking
  2. Pune’s surrounding hills are the best area for trek lovers offering options perfect for every age. One of the best fun activities, Pune has to offer is short weekend treks suitable for people of all ages.

    • For a moderate intro take into consideration Sinhagad Fort an archaeological marvel with the best views.
    • Your kid will definitely delight in checking out the ruins of the fort while appreciating the magnificent sights all over.
    • Want to know one more experience in the category of outdoor activities in Pune? Take your kid to the Lohagad Fort known for its hard surface & rich Maratha background.
    • The climb might be a little bit tough; nevertheless, the feeling of reaching the top will be worth it for you and your kids!
  3. Camping Adventures
  4. Outdoor camping adds stars to your perfect outside experience. Imagine lying down under a blanket of stars by Pawna Lake or Mulshi Lake, sharing stories and also bonding around a crackling bonfire.

    These fun activities in Pune not only allow your kid to connect with nature but also promote valuable skills like

    • Synergy
    • Patience
    • Problem-solving
    • Resourcefulness

    Tips for an Effective Trek/Camping Trip:

    • Plan according to your kid’s age and fitness level
    • Choose a well-marked path and bring a map & compass
    • Pack basics like water, sunscreen, snacks and first-aid sets
    • Dress comfortably in layers coupled with sturdy footwear
    • Don’t leave any trash behind fun activities in Pune: be responsible individuals and trekkers.
  5. Water Adventures
  6. If your kid loves water, Pune offers interesting choices to get their adrenaline pumping. Think of paddling your way through the calm waters of Panshet Dam on a kayak, the mild wind rustling through leaves as you spot birds or water animals.

    Your kids will definitely like the feeling of being on the water as well as the possibility of checking out the hidden coves of the dam. Water rafting & kayaking are one of the best fun activities in Pune.

    You can visit the Kundalika River near Pune for a thrilling white-water rafting experience. Rapids as well as riding the waves will leave your family members with a remarkable memory.

    Essential Considerations while Planning waterfun Activities in Pune

    • Select a reputable travel company with knowledgeable guides for white-water rafting.
    • Ensure appropriate life vests are put on by everybody throughout water activities.
    • Supervise kids carefully, particularly near water bodies.
  7. Bird watching
  8. Transform your next family getaway right into a memorable wild experience! Bhigwan, a short drive from Pune is a birdwatcher’s heaven. Hop aboard a boat and get started on a journey to find an incredible selection of avian species.

    You will see the stunning flamingos with their intense pink plumes and the evasive Indian Pitta known for its lively blue crown.

    This one of the best fun activities in Pune will make your kid curious about the natural environment and also teach them the relevance of preservation and habitat protection.

    Bird watching Essentials:

    • Buy an excellent set of binoculars for good sights.
    • Download a bird recognition application to help determine various species.
    • Maintain silent behaviour to prevent disturbing the birds.
  9. Cycling & Exploring
  10. One of the most adventurous fun activities in Pune is exploring the city on wheels. It enables you to uncover hidden treasures and also take in the city’s vibrant environment at your very own speed.

    • The interconnected cycle paths along the Mula River or the serene Koregaon Park are perfect for a leisurely family day out.
    • Kids will enjoy the freedom of discovering the city on their own terms while spotting intriguing spots and cafes along the road.

    Cycling is one of the most loved fun activities in Pune as it promotes physical fitness and also gives a dose of fresh air. It enables you to explore the city, learn more about the city’s spots and learn new perspectives.

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Things to ensure Safety during Cycling:

  • Ensure your kid puts on a properly fitted headgear.
  • Choose a route ideal for your kid’s cycling abilities and that is not too crowded.
  • Stick to marked paths and understand traffic guidelines.

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Other outdoor activities in Pune to try with Kids

  • Visiting an Adventure park like Della Adventure Park.
  • Visiting national museums like the National War Museum & Mahatma Phule Museum.
  • A day out at malls & gaming centres like Inorbit Mall.
  • A trip to an amusement park like Adlabs Imagica or Appu Ghar.
  • A fun-filled outing at parks & gardens like Butterfly Park or 7 Wonders Park.

While Pune has a lot to offer, choose an activity that aligns with your child’s interest and makes them learn new things. Enjoyment with a bit of learning goes a long way.

These fun activities in Pune not only offer a much-needed getaway from the stress of daily life but also promote a feeling of adventure, teamwork and gratitude for the natural world in your child. At EuroSchool, we rely on offering an all-round education and learning that goes beyond the classroom. Through routine nature strolls, expeditions to architectural wonders, and amusement parks, we motivate our students to explore, learn and create a long-lasting love for the environment.

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