How to Complete Holiday Homework?

how to Complete holiday homework

Holidays are always welcome and are a time for fun and freedom, away from the drudgery of school. It is the time to relax and follow one’s hobbies but is also the time to complete one’s holiday homework. Students dread holiday homework and tend to procrastinate till the very last day after which they get anxious and go to pieces. It’s best to take care of one’s holiday homework from the beginning of the holidays so that there is no last-minute panic.

Holiday homework is designed to keep students in touch with their lessons and reinforce what they have done in school. Children tend to get lazy during the holidays and so the school provides them with homework to be done during the summer vacation.

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Simple Ways to Finish Holiday Homework in Time

However much children may dislike holiday homework, it still has to be done. We have a few simple tips on how to finish holiday homework fast. Children need to divide their time between completing holiday assignments, study and enjoyment.

  1. Prioritise your Work

    Check the due date of each assignment and prioritise those assignments that are due first, as well as those that carry the most weightage for exams.

  2. Set a Schedule

    All subject teachers give a list of homework for the summer break. Read all the details mentioned in the assignment and divide the work and time needed during the break to complete it. Create a homework schedule around your holiday plans and try to adhere to it. Set aside some time for different subjects every day to work on your homework. If you have homework in multiple subjects, alternate your study time by doing one subject’s homework on Mondays and Wednesdays and another subject’s work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Use a calendar to mark your study time and days and the assignments you want to work on each day.

  3. Find a Quiet Spot
  4. It’s easy to get distracted when on vacation, so find a suitable, quiet spot for yourself. Make sure you are not disturbed and can finish your holiday homework in peace. When doing homework, sit there and do not leave till you have finished your work. Clear your study space and keep your study material ready. Ensure that there is comfortable seating and good lighting in your study space.

  5. No Distractions
  6. Technology can be very distracting so make a habit of keeping your environment free of online distractions.  Keep your cellular phone, television, computer and laptop away while doing homework so that you can concentrate better and get the work done faster. There are apps to block online distractions temporarily which can be used for the amount of time you plan to do homework. There are also tools which are designed to track your time while accomplishing tasks.

  7. Start at the Beginning of the Vacation
  8. Start doing the homework from day one and get it out of the way. If your teachers give the homework early, start doing it during any free time you get in school. That way you won’t have much to do during the summer break.

  9. Keep Everything Handy
  10. Plan in advance and keep everything handy and neatly organised.. That way you won’t waste time and will finish the homework fast. Before you leave school for the holidays, ensure you have all of the required materials such as books, notebooks, stationery or any special materials required for the subjects you will work on. It may be difficult to get replacements for things that you forgot. Check your assignments before leaving school and make a checklist of things you need to complete your homework. Pack everything you need before you leave school.

  11. Ask for Help if Needed
  12. Ask for help with homework if needed. Don’t get frustrated if you get stuck but instead ask someone for help.

  13. Time Yourself
  14. Try to finish the homework in the stipulated time. This helps with time management and also prepares you to work under pressure. When a certain assignment is likely to take longer to complete, budget time for it while creating a schedule. Set an alarm and give yourself sufficient time to do your homework in the mornings. If you plan to work on your homework during the afternoon or evening, set a reminder to keep yourself on schedule and motivated. You can also set reminders on the digital calendar of a phone or tablet to get instant notifications. For those who use planners, write reminders there so that you know what and when to do your work.

  15. Take Breaks
  16. Always remember to cater for breaks in your study time. Don’t overload yourself, give yourself a break of 10 to 15 minutes every hour or so. This improves the attention span and makes studying more effective. 

  17. Set Aside Time for Other Activities
  18. It’s important to ensure that your homework schedule doesn’t interfere with your holiday plans and leisure activities. If you know you will be on vacation, reserve that time for enjoyment and leave your books at home.

  19. Study on Vacation
  20. If you know you are going to have some lazy or free time during your vacation where nothing is planned, bring your school books with you and use that time to get some homework done. That way you can use your time productively without stressing yourself. At the same time, do not try to do homework at times when you cannot focus or when family activities are planned. During vacations, only do homework during the designated time or your leisure time.

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  21. Check your Work
  22. As holidays always have distractions, make sure that you proofread and check your work to make sure there are no mistakes. If possible, give yourself a couple of days after completing the assignment so that you can look at it with a fresh perspective while checking it. Try to edit your work at a time when you are not on vacation or interacting with family members. Find a quiet time during your holiday when you can revise the homework that you have done. You can also ask your peers to exchange assignments and edit them. Try to arrange this friend before the holidays start and fix a date to exchange and edit homework.

These tips can be very useful in knowing how to complete holiday homework without stress and last-minute jitters. Though fun and leisure are very important, it is also necessary to retain and consolidate the things learned in school. Keeping these tips in mind will help children enjoy their holidays and also complete their homework comfortably. For more updates on how to finish holiday homework fast, you can visit the EuroSchool website.

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