Pool Party Ideas for Kids

pool party decorations

Nothing can beat a pool party when one wants to cool off on a hot, sunny day. Jumping into cool water and splashing around with friends is great fun and if a little thought is put into organising it, it is unbeatable. Choose a great theme, plan some delicious food, play some exciting games and take the pool party to the next level. Unique pool party ideas for kids will ensure that your young guests will have a blast. Customise the pool party according to the age of your guests and your budget. Make a to-do list so that you finish all the work beforehand and just enjoy looking at your kids having the time of their lives.

Pool Party Themes

  • Once you decide on a theme for the pool party, it becomes easier to organise as you can work around the central idea.
  • A beach theme works well for a pool party with coastal accessories like shells, starfish, corals and sea creatures. Shades of blue in the decor complete the beach look.
  • Create a nautical theme with readymade decorations such as Finding Nemo and Little Mermaid and see the excitement escalate.
  • Go for a pirate theme and hide some treasure around the pool. Arrange some foam swords, ropes and anchors for the little pirates and go for a red, navy blue and white colour scheme.
  • A fiesta theme also works well with bright and bold colours, flowers, paper fans and lanterns along with some Mexican finger food like tacos.

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Pool Party Invitations

To get your young guests really excited about the pool party, make the Invitations more than just about the venue and date. Decide on the party itinerary and guests and make interesting invitations that match the theme. There’s nothing better than opening the mail to find an invitation to a refreshing pool party. Fun and customised online invitations with sunglasses, flip-flops and pool floaties are easily available. For some cool ideas, you could consider some of the suggestions given below.

  • Make a beach ball invite with all the party details on the ball. When your guests receive it, they have to inflate the ball to read the itinerary.
  • The same idea can also be done on a small-sized inflatable raft with the details written with a permanent marker.
  • An invitation shaped like a flip-flop is also great for a pool party.
  • Make a card with a picture or drawing of beautiful scenery and all the details of the party written or typed on it.

Cool Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Create a spectacular ambience with pool party decorations for kids so that they never stop talking about it.

  • Coloured balloons are both festive and affordable and can be weighed down with a little water in them before inflating them so that they stay in the pool.
  • Throw some inflatables and floats into the pool in all shapes and sizes to complete the party look such as flamingoes, unicorns, watermelon slices and ice cream cones.
  • Different fish or sea creature lanterns can really create a great and colourful vibe. Match them with some streamers and ribbons to add to the festivity.
  • Make simple styrofoam beach ball garlands and encourage your guests to wear them or just hang them around the pool.
  • Carefully strewn beach balls, shovels, beach towels and buckets are easy decorations and add to the ambience.
  • Set out colourful beach towels on every chair.
  • Serve the snacks and drinks on frisbees and set up colourful umbrellas for people to cool off after some time in the sun.
  • Set up a selfie station as the colourful floats and decorations make perfect backdrops. Put some beach balls, flower leis and oversized sunglasses as props.
  • If you are having an evening pool party, arrange for proper outdoor lighting with LED lights in your swimming pool and the surrounding space. Hang strings of lights over the pool and tall plants. You can also set up tiki torches around the pool area.

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Pool Party Games and Activities

No pool party for kids is complete without some poolside activities and games. We have a few ideas for pool party games that are fun and also great icebreakers.

  • Water balloons, squirt guns and hose fights add life to the party and don’t need much preparation.
  • Kids can jump into the pool and retrieve small treasures from there.
  • Organise a sandcastle-building competition.
  • Water games like Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows or Freeze Tag can be played.
  • No pool party is complete without some upbeat music. Create your own playlist or use online music services like Spotify to create one for you.

Food Ideas for a Pool Party 

Food and drinks are an integral part of any pool party and kids can make all the mess they want as it’s all outside. Get creative and serve some delicious snacks and refreshing drinks to the kids that keep them going.

  • Fresh fruits, salads, pretzels, and chips can be placed all around the pool.
  • Some grilled skewers, vegetables and dips can be arranged
  • Fruit ice pops make a popular snack.
  • Juice boxes and water bottles in a sand pail with ice or filling a baby pool with ice to keep bottled drinks cold are very refreshing.
  • If your budget permits, go for a snow cone or cotton candy machine.
  • Some desserts and ice cream, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and cupcakes are delicious.
  • Small croissants that resemble sea creatures enhance the theme.
  • A slider bar or taco bar can be set up.
  • Themed sweets and treats like pool noodles, beach balls or pool floats can be arranged.

Pool Party Favours

Go for affordable and personalised party favours that won’t get tossed aside once the party is over.

  • A small sand bucket filled with candy shaped like fish.
  • Colourful beach towels.
  • Travel-size bottles of sunscreen.
  • Small soaps shaped like sea creatures.
  • A personalised beach tote bag.
  • A personalised floatie.
  • Try to buy the party favours in bulk like sea creature goggles and pool noodles shaped like animals.

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Pool Party Safety Tips for Kids

Any activity with water poses some risks without proper safety precautions. A fun activity should not end with a disaster, so certain safety tips must be followed to keep safe.

  • Remind the kids to apply sunscreen before jumping into the pool and after coming out and drying themselves.
  • Life jackets for the younger kids should be used.
  • Avoid glass containers as they may break and hurt a bare-footed child.
  • Make pool rules very clear to the kids and enforce them strictly while monitoring a kid’s pool party. Request other adults present to actively stand guard. Ensure that a phone and a first aid kit are always handy. A CPR expert must be present.
  • Use natural repellents such as lavender or basil-based repellents to keep pests and mosquitoes at bay.

A pool party is entertainment for everyone and is great for celebrating any occasion during a hot summer break. The size of the pool doesn’t matter, all one needs are friends, a few delicious snacks, some games and upbeat music to set the mood.  However, to add to the wow factor, plan a party with an age-appropriate theme. Make some funky invitations and go with a decor that matches the theme. For more pool party ideas for kids, do visit the EuroSchool website.

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