Raincoat or umbrella? Preparations for sending kids to school on a rainy day

Raincoat or Umbrella

Rain, rain go away? Or rain, rain come again? Which team are you and your school-going kid on?

That is the thing, right? School-going. That is what determines which team you would be on. A rainy day is so much fun when you and your kid can just sit back at home and enjoy it with a hot cup of cocoa and an animated movie about the simpler joys of life.

But it is a whole other ballgame when you have to send your kid to school. Then a rainy day is almost like a bad day. And what makes it worse is wondering what to send your kid armed with – an umbrella or a raincoat?

Another one of those classic chicken and egg debates, choosing between an umbrella and a raincoat is difficult. More so when your child shows specific preference for one over the other. So how do you end this children’s rainwear debate? Why with our help, of course!

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Raincoat vs umbrella – Which should your child take to school?

Ah to choose between the two quintessential children’s rainwear items. It can be such a brain-wrecking experience. Both have their pros and cons. So let us walk you through them, shall we? Perhaps that will help you decide which would be the better pick for your child. A raincoat or an umbrella.

Pros of a raincoat

This rainy day essential has a lot working in its favour, like:

  • Come in cute patterns and colours
  • Offer complete protection against rain
  • And also against heavy winds
  • Can be folded up and carried neatly in a school bag
  • Best suited for very heavy rainy days

Cons of a raincoat

Sometimes a raincoat is not ideal because of a couple of its aspects like:

  • Add bulk to your child’s bag
  • Take time to dry up
  • Storing a wet raincoat is not easy for a child
  • Child can feel warm inside because they cover the entire body
  • Not suitable for light rain in hot and humid conditions
  • Your child can outgrow them in time

Pros of an umbrella

Just like the raincoat, this rainy day essential has certain benefits too:

  • It is easier to carry
  • Lightweight versions do not weigh your child’s bag down
  • Three-fold ones can fit into your child’s bag easily
  • Plus, they dry fast and easy
  • Perfect for light rain
  • Come in colourful patterns and quirky shapes for your kids to love
  • Easy to fix

Cons of an umbrella

Certain factors may not make umbrellas the best choice for your kids:

  • Break under heavy winds
  • Single fold ones are unwieldy
  • Heavy-duty ones can be, well, heavy
  • Do not offer 360-degree protection
  • Not suitable for heavy rains
  • Mostly effective in keeping the top-half of the body dry

Honestly, if you ask us you should have both in your child’s arsenal for a rainy day because despite their cons, both serve a very solid purpose. And that is protecting your child from the varying degrees of rain. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest sticking to an umbrella for light drizzles, and packing in a raincoat for heavy downpour. That ought to fix your dilemma.

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Other rainy day essentials for your children you need

When you send your kids to school during the monsoon season, merely packing an umbrella or raincoat in their bags might not be enough. You see in order to shield your child fully against the adverse effects of the rain, you might have to expand your arsenal a little bit and include the following too:

  1. Gummy boats
  2. Complete the set with an infant raincoat and boots (if you have a young ‘un, that is). Or just pick up rain boots in age appropriate size for your child because your baby will need them when going to and coming back from school.

    Roads can be an absolute slippery, muddy mess so the right shoes can prevent accidents while protecting your child’s feet. That is what makes them a must! You can match the boots with their raincoat or umbrella to add a dose of fun!

  3. Hand sanitiser
  4. Germs abound as much in the rainy season as in any other. In fact, all the mud and the mess may make for an even germier environment! Now if your kids were at home, it would just be easy to wash their hands when they come back from the rain. But when they are at school, there is no way to supervise that they are indeed washing their hands.

    Hand sanitiser to the rescue! Pack one in their bags so they can quickly rid their hands of germs after reaching school, before eating and after playing in the school grounds during break time.

  5. Quick-dry towel
  6. Apart from a set of infant raincoat and boots (or age appropriate ones), you also need to pack a quick-dry towel in your child’s bag. You see, no matter how much you protect against the rain, sometimes getting wet is unavoidable.

    In such instances, a quick-dry towel can really help your child wipe away rain water from their head, face, hands and feet so they can stay warm and dry during school hours. Which is better because you know staying wet during a school day can easily lead to fever. Not something you would ever want for your child, we are sure.

  7. Water-proof backpack
  8. You know just as much as your child needs protection against the rain, so do the contents of their bag. Namely their books and stationery, which when wet can get ruined. But no worries. Having a water-proof backpack can easily protect your child’s school supplies from the rigours of the rain.

  9. Wet wipes
  10. Muddy stains on uniforms, bags and shoes are an all too common a sight during the monsoon season. However, you do not have to worry about washing tough stains if you add a pack of wet wipes to your child’s backpack. That can help them remove all of the muck pretty quickly.

  11. Spare change of clothes
  12. Never let your child sit in soaked uniform, shoes and socks. That is a recipe for sickness. While packing a spare change of clothes might not be ideal everyday, make sure you pack one on heavy rainy days. That will prevent your child from falling prey to rain-induced sickness.

  13. Healthy lunch
  14. The last but not the least rainy day essential for children is a healthy lunch. As we said before, the monsoon season brings with it increased chances of infection and sickness. Something which can be prevented with a healthy diet. Pack an immunity-boosting lunch for your child that is rich in all the vitamins and minerals to stay strong and healthy through the season.

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Going to school during monsoons can be a rough ride. However, if you arm your child to the hilt with rainy-day essentials, they can have a smooth, hassle-free day while avoiding any potential illnesses. For more such useful tips, be sure to read up the other blogs on EuroSchool!

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