Soft Toys Cleaning Guide

soft toys cleaning guide

Soft toys are often viewed as the constant companions of man and rightly so, as they provide a sense of happiness, comfort and security. These little fuzzy and softly stuffed toys are also known as plush toys, with the name being derived from the soft and luxurious kind of fabric that is used to make them. They play a huge role in the lives of people and oftentimes, children preserve and keep them close even when they are all grown up. Children love playing with soft toys and enjoy keeping them close to them on the bed or even carrying them around when going to the playground. Unfortunately, since they are in such close and constant contact with human beings, they are prone to accumulating dust, dirt and germs. To ensure proper hygiene and prevent your child from falling ill, it is important for you to regularly clean the soft toys.

What seems like a simple process, may be quite a complex one. For instance, if you are a new or young parent, you might be wondering how to clean the soft toys or what detergent to use. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Before we delve deep into the nitty-gritty of how to clean plush toys, it is integral for you to know why regular cleaning of soft toys is so essential.

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Importance of Regular Soft Toy Cleaning

  • Maintaining hygiene- Soft toys often retain dust particles and dirt that can promote the formulation and growth of bacteria and certain allergens that result in respirator issues in young kids.
  • Appearance- Prompt and appropriate cleaning practices go a long way in retaining the new and fresh appearance of soft toys. Most of the time dirty soft toys lose their bounce and fluffiness but the good thing is that they can be easily restored to their former condition with a good wash.
  • Longevity- Poor maintenance of soft toys often leads to fabric deterioration and unnecessary wear and tear.

Cleaning Methods

If you’ve been wondering how to wash soft toys or how to clean a big teddy bear for your little one, you’re in the right place. Now that you have a clearer understanding of why you need to regularly clean soft toys, we can move on to the cleaning methods which you should use. Soft toys can be cleaned in several ways. However, choosing the right way or method will completely depend on the size, fabric, and other materials that are used to make them.

  • Hand Washing- This happens to be one of the oldest tried and tested techniques which yields good results. It also happens to be the most gentle method of cleaning or washing soft toys. This method is usually used with those toys that are made from delicate fabric or have certain decorations like beads and sequins. All you need is a bucket of water and some mild detergent or baby shampoo to restore your soft toys to their former spotless condition.
  • Machine Washing- This is a more recent technique but is widely used because of how convenient it is. As parents, we are bogged down with so many duties that we often lack the luxury of time. In such cases, machine washing becomes a suitable option. However, machine washing is only preferable for soft toys made from durable fabric. It is important to house the soft toy in a pillowcase before putting it into the machine. It is also advisable to use light detergent with some cold water. A gentle washing cycle in the washing machine, followed by it being air dried is the correct and most appropriate procedure.
  • Surface cleaning- This type of cleaning technique involves cleaning the surface of soft toys without actually immersing them in water. This method is most preferred for soft toys that contain electronic components like sound boxes. Use a soft cloth or wet sponge to clean the surface of the toys and avoid using harsh detergents while doing so. After this, they can be easily dried with a clean towel.

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How To Remove Soft Toy Stains and Odors?

Apart from regular cleaning methods, soft toys may also require additional care and cleaning. Most of the time this is when they are badly stained or carry a pungent odor.

Stain Removal

In addition to using mild detergents, white vinegar may be used for removing tough stains. However, it is wise to mix the vinegar with an equivalent portion of water before applying it to the soft toys. In the case of soft toys which are badly stained with juice marks or marks of urine, small amounts of hydrogen peroxide can be added to the cleaning solution.

Odor Removal

One of the best ways of getting rid of foul odors from soft toys is by sprinkling baking soda over the toys and letting them sit for a couple of hours before wiping them off. You can also air out the toy in sunlight for a short period. However, do not keep it out for prolonged periods in the sun as that may damage the fabric.

General Cleaning Tips

  • Read labels- This involves reading both labels, the one on your soft toy as well as the one on the detergent box. Many soft toys also come with specific cleaning instructions.
  • Test for Colourfastness- Sometimes the coloured fabric of the plush toys tends to bleed. Before washing it in a bucket of water or a washing machine, it’s better to use a damp cloth to check for such colouring bleeding.
  • Repair damages- Since they are soft toys, they are bound to suffer wear and tear. Whether that be a tear in the fabric or a teddy missing an eye, you need to repair it before washing it as washing it without repairing it may result in further damage.

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