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Got a gifted child who excels in sports and now you want to nurture and hone their innate talents? Well, you are in luck because Whitefield, Bangalore has plenty of great sports schools for you to choose from! Schools that boast of amazing sports facilities and management so your child can truly shine and become the pride of the nation someday!

Here are 7 of the best sports classes in Whitefield that will propel your kid to becoming the next King Kohli, Sania Mirza or Neeraj Chopra.

  1. Inventure Academy 
  2. India Learning Foundation (IFL) established this school back in 2005, this school has consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the city, let alone being the best sports academy. Even most parents review it highly, vying to get their kids admitted to this prestigious institution.

    That said, Inventure offers plenty of sports choices to its kids. Think basketball, cricket, table tennis, ultimate frisbee, swimming, tennis and football among others.

    Mind you this school is difficult to get into, though, and involves a rigorous admission process which includes a placement test.

    Following the ICSE/ISC board, this school has a steep fee structure too, with fees ranging from Rs. 1,76,000 (Pre-K) to Rs. 5,98,000 (A/AS Level).

    You can find out more about them on

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  3. Stonehill International School 
  4. Offering some of the best sports classes in Whitefield, Stonehill International School has deeply integrated physical education into its core curriculum, which is what makes it a top choice among sports academies in the city. Every single program offered here makes use of sports for the individual development of kids.

    Another big bonus is that this school is in close proximity to the Embassy International Riding School, which is the leading horse-riding school in the country.

    That said, this 34-acre campus has in-house facilities for a host of sports such as football, tennis, swimming and indoor games among others.

    Admission process for this school that offers plenty of kids sports classes involves an online application form and in-person interview. Fees structure ranges from Rs. 9,00,000 to Rs. 13,00,000. Know more about this school on

  5. The Sports School 
  6. Offering state of the art infrastructure and integrated sports programs from standard 1 and upwards, The Sports School has a lot to boast about. For example, this sports academy for kids has tie-ups with both the Mastya Incorporation for swimming and the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy for, as you guessed it, tennis.

    You also have professional psychologists, nutritionists and coaches on campus to help sporty students out whenever they need.

    The school follows the CBSE board and has a lengthy admission process, which involves an application form (given out for a fee of Rs. 1000/-), an assessment round and an interactive round.

    As for the fee structure of this school, you can expect to shell out up to Rs. 2,10,00 annually, a number that could be revised year-on-year. If you want to know more, head to

  7. Greenwood High International School
  8. One of the standout features of Greenwood High International School is that it offers a diverse curriculum, which include boards such as ISC, ICSE, IBDP and IGCSE. Plus, this school has won like 8 national awards over the years, so is it any wonder that it makes it to the best sports academy list? Nope, it is not.

    In fact, the school’s record is so stellar that it has placed over 5,000 students in reputable global international universities. As for the sporting facilities it offers, expect to find well-developed infrastructure for activities such as hockey, swimming, basketball, football, tennis and chess among others. Your child will also get access to advanced level training over here.

    The application process here is straightforward, and you can expect the fee to fall in the range of Rs. 3,00,000 per annum, which will vary based on the grade your kid is in. Know more on

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  9. Jain Heritage School 
  10. A CBSE board school that is well-regarded as one of the best sports academies in the city, Jain Heritage School is the perfect place for your kid if they want to be a sports star of tomorrow. Maybe even the next Tendulkar? This school places extra emphasis on qualities such as ethics and sportsmanship, which are must-have qualities for a great sportsperson.

    Jain High School has a dedicated sports complex which goes by the name of Kreeda. What can you expect to find here? Brace yourself because the list is long! From an 8-lane swimming pool to a synthetic tennis court, a cricket pitch, a basketball court and billiards and snooker room, this school truly has it all!

    Admissions here involve an excellence test, which candidates have to ace in order to get in. If your child does get in though, you can expect fees starting from Rs 1,50,000 at the UKG level. For more visit,

  11. Treamis School
  12. Centred in Electronic City, at Treamis School, sports is a way of life. Children are carefully and painstakingly taught the art of sports. The result?  They develop a deep appreciation for the game they choose to play.

    There are plenty of kids sports classes here to choose from. Think athletics, basketball, soccer, and swimming. And that is just to name a few. They also have an indoor badminton court and a multipurpose gym for kids.

    Admission here is a complex process that requires a lot of documentation and a couple of rounds. Fee here averages around Rs. 1,10,000 to Rs. 1,30,000 annually. Find out more on

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  13. Marigold International School
  14. A 10-acre campus with a gorgeous building, that is what you get Marigold International School right up front! But there is more. Marigold International School is all about inculcating the idea of lifelong learning and respect for diversity so its students can emerge as future leaders.

    CBSE is the board followed by this school and the admission process, though simple, requires a payment of Rs. 30,000 at the time of admission. Other than that, the school’s fee starts at Rs. 1,39,300 and goes up to Rs. 1,50,000. For more, visit

    Fortunately, finding a good sports academy for kids in Whitefield is not at all like finding a needle in a haystack. As you can, choices abound! That said, if you are looking for a  for your child, you will not find a better one than EuroSchool. Visit us to know more!

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