Study Timetable for Class 10 Students

study time table

There is something about facing board exams for the first time. Even the coolest kids in your class might be seen breaking a sweat. Especially now when things are so competitive. You kind of have to excel. Or you may end up in a school or college that just is not your choice.

Unpleasant scenario, right?

Well, it can change. It can turn pleasant. If you have a timetable in place to nail your upcoming boards,that is!

The thing about having a concrete study timetable is that it can keep all those scaries away. And minimising stress and anxiety at this stage is important. It really is the key to success because the calmer you are, the more you will remember what you’ve studied. And is that not the whole point?

That said, if you do not know how to fashion your study timetable and set it up for success, allow us to help you!

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How to set the ideal 10th class timetable for study?

Ah, how quickly your first tryst with board exams is here, right? Thank god for the time off you get from school to study for it, all guns ablazing!

Well, if you are in full on prep mode but do not know where to begin, this 10th class timetable for study might just be the thing you need.

  • 30am to 6.30am: Wake up, freshen up and have a couple of light snacks.
  • 30am to 9.00am: Study the subject you find the hardest first.
  • 00am to 9.30am: Take a break! It is breakfast time.
  • 30am to 9.45am: Revise what you studied in the morning. A quick revision will do.
  • 45am to 11.45am: Study a subject of your choosing. It could be anything, just not what you studied early morning.
  • 45am to 12.00pm: Do a second round revision with what you have just studied.
  • 00pm to 1.00pm: Enjoy your lunch break! Take a nap if you want to.
  • 00pm to 4.00pm: Make this time all about studying the subject you love the most!
  • 00pm to 4.30pm: Take a break because you have earned this one too for studying so hard!
  • 30pm to 6.00pm: Pick up a subject that you find a piece of cake.
  • 00pm to 7.00pm: You got it! It is time for another break.
  • 00pm to 8.30pm: Solve practice papers.
  • 30pm to 9.30pm: It is dinnertime! Make sure you enjoy a quality meal with your family.
  • 30pm to 10.00pm: Brush up on your equations and formulae.
  • 00pm: Call it a night. It is time to indulge in some much needed shut eye.

You can obviously make tweaks to this to suit your individual studying patterns!

The need for having a 10 class preparation timetable explained

Now you might be wondering what is the need of such a seemingly strict and rigid 10 class preparation timetable? How is it going to help you? Allow us to explain.

The most major benefit is that you get to stay motivated and disciplined. Which is what you need to ace this test. And this is irrespective of what your goal is, studying efficiently or to become the top of the toppers. Having a timetable can help achieve whatever you desire of your results.

Here is why you should stick to the study plan you have made.

  • So you can get a great CGP
  • So you can crack into the sect of students who score above 90% all across
  • So you can be prepped and ready for your tests
  • So you can keep last minute panic at bay
  • So you can minimise anxiety
  • And so you can strike a good balance between studies and breaks

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A couple of 10th class study timetable strategies to help you out

Hey, we feel you. Studying for your board exams is hard. So we thought we would give you a few extra strategies just to help you out.

  1. Mark the super important chapters 
  2. Your teachers are likely going to give you hints on which chapters will carry the most weight. Make a note of them and give them some extra time. You can do the same with chapters you find difficult among them.

  3. Divide your time like a pro  
  4. It will take some time but within a few days of following your 10th class study timetable, you will be able to divide your time better. So our suggestion is make sure you get to study, revise and practice each subject well. And do not forget about taking breaks!

  5. Be reasonable
  6. With your expectations and goals that is. Putting up too much pressure on yourself may lead to the opposite of success. So you have to be mindful when planning your timetable. Keep ample time in hand for all subjects, including the easy ones.

  7. Use your strengths 
  8. And work on your weaknesses! You already know which subjects you are good at. So it is okay to give them a little less time and instead give more time to the ones you find difficult. That way you would be able to cover all the bases.

  9. Take breaks
  10. Enough said! Breaks are the only way to replenish your tired brain and ensure you are able to cram in everything you need to study without feeling bogged down.

  11. Break the monotony with changes
  12. Studying one subject for too long will wear you out. You need to break the monotony by alternating subjects. Also, feel free to tweak the timetable we have given to suit your schedule best. And keep changing your timetable as you keep ticking off subjects from your study list.

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10 std timetable for study subject-wise

Here are some subject-specific tips that might come in very handy when you sit down to study for your 10th boards.

  • Maths: With maths, it is all about knowing your equations and formulae. So make a list of them and keep it handy while you practise, practice, practice!
  • Science: Physics, chemistry and biology are one of the difficult ones. So make sure you get your theories and diagrams correct. You should also practise science-specific equations and formulae as well. Flash cards and mock tests can be your saviour for science!
  • English: As long as you practise grammar and get a strong hold of the literature that is a part of your syllabus, nailing your English exam should be easy!
  • Social studies: Finally, for social studies all you have got to do is study and revise, study and revise so you get a strong hold of all the vital information that is a part of your syllabus!

We really hope this 10 std timetable for study with all its tips and strategies helps you out! We wish you all the luck! And you need some more extra study tips, be sure to check out our EuroSchool blog.

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