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SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad: What You Need to Know

SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad

The SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad (SKGKO) is a test designed to ignite curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning in children from a young age. SKGKO paves the way for children to showcase their knowledge and effectively apply the knowledge learned in school, while making them cognisant of their environment’s events and facts.

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What is the SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad?

The SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad is a globally conducted competition hosted by Silverzone Foundation, an international NGO promoting academic, moral, and cultural education for school children worldwide. The primary objective of this Olympiad is to enable students to think critically, analyse information, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

In this blog, we will explore the important details of the SmartKid general Knowledge Olympiad for the benefit of parents and students.

Importance of SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad

The SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad (SKGKO) is a competitive platform designed for school children, to help them learn in a unique and interactive manner outside the regular school curriculum. SKGKO is a comprehensive competition that includes topics like science, geography, history, current affairs, sports, and many other areas pertinent to a student’s overall development. It helps students explore their environment and encourages them to ask questions about the world around them.

Research studies have shown that children who take part in such competitions tend to have higher cognitive skills. It not only enhances memory and problem-solving abilities, students learn to process information quickly and make informed decisions.

SKGKO exposes students to global issues and multicultural knowledge, allowing them to understand global issues and acknowledge the cultural diversity around the world.

Winners are not only recognised at school and state levels, but national and international rankings which not only provides them with an opportunity to gain recognition on a much broader platform, it creates a sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence.

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SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad Eligibility

  • The SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad is open to students in Classes 1 to 10 who are enrolled in CBSE, ICSE, ICBSE, or any other recognized state board in India.

SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad registration process

Students keen to participate in the SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad need to submit an application form through their respective schools registered with SilverZone Foundation. A minimum of 20 students needs to be registered for the SKGKO, from the school.

The school is required to submit the duly filled registration form on behalf of its students.

The participation fee is Rs 120 per student, out of which Rs 20 shall be retained by the school as its expenses towards honorarium of the invigilator and other expenses like postal expenses, DD charges and photocopying etc.

SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad Pattern

SKGKO is organised annually for students from grades 1 to 10.

The question paper includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from history, geography, general science, current affairs, sports, and situational analysis. This variety ensures a robust structuring of the student’s knowledge base.

The SKGKO exam is held at two levels.

Level one is held at the respective schools of the participants while the second level involves students from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Gulf countries who were the top rank holders in level one.

  • Type of questions: Objective type multiple choice questions
  • Duration of the exam: 40 minutes
  • Number of questions: Different for various classes as given below.
  • For Classes 1-2: 25 questions
  • For Classes 3-5: 30 questions
  • For Classes 6-8: 35 questions
  • For Classes 9-10: 40 questions

SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad syllabus

The question paper is class-specific and usually consists of the following sections:

Classes 1-5

  • Section 1: General Awareness
  • Section 2: Scholar’s Zone

Classes 6 -10

  • Section 1: General Awareness
  • Section 2: Current Affairs
  • Section 3: Scholar’s Zone

All the questions are objective-type with no negative marking for wrong answers.

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The syllabus for the Olympiad is divided evenly across different school grades, from Grade 1 to Grade 10. It mainly focuses on questions from general awareness, general science, festivals, sports, history, current affairs.

Starting with History, the syllabus will allow participants to get a glimpse of the world’s past. From ancient to modern, the subject enables students to learn about famous historical events, personalities, and other significant aspects. In Geography, the students learn about different places worldwide, including the continents, oceans, countries, and other geographical terms and features.

In Current Affairs, students grasp contemporary knowledge about national and international affairs, sports, politics, and societal changes. The Literature section is primarily focused on essential literary figures, their contribution, and famous works.

The syllabus aims to foster an understanding of the world around us. However, the syllabus for the SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad is not rigid. It continually evolves to include the latest developments in various fields and engaging prospects that stimulate a child’s curiosity and knowledge.

Teachers and parents can aid students in preparing for the Olympiad by encouraging them to read informative books, newspapers, and science journals. Regularly participating in quiz competitions and activities can also boost their general knowledge.

To prepare for SKGKO, students are also advised to study from the SilverZone foundation in-depth, well-researched guidebook.

The ‘Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad book caters to the syllabus for each class individually and gives an extensive understanding of the topics. The school curriculum also plays a crucial role in preparation.

The student must be up-to-date with their school syllabus, constantly self-study and diligently practise previous year question papers. Mock tests can help students to brush up their skills and provide an edge to perform better in the examinations.

SmartKid General Olympiad awards

Rank. No.


1st Olympiad rank in each class

Cash Prize of Rs. 10,000/-.

2nd Olympiad rank in each class

Cash Prize of Rs.7,500/-.

3rd Olympiad rank in each class

Cash Prize of Rs. 5,000/-.

4th to 10th Olympiad rank in each class

Gift Certificate of Different Value.

11th to 25th Olympiad rank in each class

Gift Certificate of Different Value.

26th to 500th Olympiad rank in each class

Topper Achievement Certificate.

1th, 2th and 3rd Zonal Rank holders of all classes

Medals of Excellence

1th, 2th and 3rd State Rank holders of all classes

Medals of Excellence

1st, 2nd 3rd Class Topper of each class

Medals of Excellence, provided the topper obtains at least 50% marks


All the participants will be awarded with the participation Certificate Reflecting their Class/Zonal/State/Olympiad Ranks and Marks.

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At EuroSchool we believe that the SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad is much more than a general knowledge quiz. It is an instrument to nurture young minds, preparing them for real-world challenges. We encourage students to participate in SKGKO to understand the significance of general knowledge in a globalised world and create an environment of learning for themselves while staying engaged and motivated.

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