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What is Geo Genius Olympiad

Geo Genius Olympiad

In a rapidly globalising world, understanding geography is no longer optional; it has become an absolute necessity. The Geo Genius Olympiad organised and managed by the IBGB Learning Society, a registered not-for-profit organisation in India is one such initiative that transforms geography from a mere academic subject into a living, vibrant connection to the world around us. In this blog, we will explore the important details of the Geo Genius Olympiad for the benefit of parents and students.

Importance of Geo Genius Olympiad

The Geo Genius Olympiad is an international geography competition that offers students an opportunity and the platform to demonstrate their knowledge and prowess in geography.

The Geo Genius Olympiad, through its interactive and immersive geographical contests, empowers students with an understanding of global economic trends, socio-political patterns, environmental changes, and cultural complexities.

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Geo Genius Olympiad Eligibility

  • Only students from Class 2 to Class 10 are eligible to apply for the Geo Genius Olympiad
  • Geo Genius Olympiad is open for the State Board, ICSE Board, CBSE Board, and International Board students

Geo Genius registration process

Students who are keen to participate in the Geo Genius Geography Olympiad can fill out an application form through their respective schools offline or individually online. To register, a school must have a minimum of 50 students from all courses. Some of the important dates to track are as under:

  • Registration opens in the first week of June.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 tests are administered in December
  • The final exams take place in March or April of the following year.

The registration fee is Rs. 300 per student. This is a one-time fee, and the student does not have to pay any further registration fee/amount if they qualify for Level 2 and the subsequent Level 3.

Geo Genius Olympiad Pattern

The Geo Genius Olympiad is a three-level competitive examination. The students are divided into three categories:

Class 2 to 4 – Sub Junior Category

Class 5 to 8 – Junior Category

Class 9 to 12 – Senior Category

From rigorous written exams to interactive quizzes, this competition includes a variety of elements designed to gauge a student’s all-rounded knowledge of geography.

Level 1

The first level involves participants competing within their respective school premises. Successful participants from this round then proceed to the national level. The examination pattern is as under:

  • Only Multiple-Choice questions will be asked.
  • 40 questions will be asked for the Sub-junior category
  • 50 questions each will be asked for the Junior and Senior categories.
  • No negative marking for incorrect answers.
  • One mark will be awarded for the correct and zero will be given for an incorrect answer.
  • 5% of the meritorious students will be selected for the level 2 exam.

Level 2

The second stage, the national level, pools successful candidates from various schools across the nation. The examination pattern is as under:

  • The level 2 will be conducted in online mode which will be a mix of multiple choice and one-word answer type questions.
  • 40 questions will be asked for the Sub-junior category
  • 50 questions each will be asked for the Junior and Senior categories.
  • Top 15 students from each category from level 2 will be permitted to take the Level 3 exam.

Those who will clear the level 2 examination will be invited to take part in the level 3 examination.

Level 3

Level 3 forms the culmination of the Geo Genius Olympiad, where the very best from different countries compete for global recognition and significant educational opportunities.

The examination pattern is as under:

  • It will be an online exam that will be held through interactive video conferencing tools.
  • 5 winners from each category will be shortlisted as National Geography Champions.

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Geo Genius Olympiad syllabus

The Geo Genius Olympiad is more than a mere test of rote learning; it compels students to think critically and apply their knowledge innovatively.

This Olympiad covers various facets of geography and promotes student engagement with the environment, culture, and economy on a global scale. The syllabus is segregated into different categories, based on the grade levels of the students.

For the Sub Junior Category (Class 2- 4), students are expected to have general awareness about their environment and local geography. Some knowledge about India’s geographical location, national symbols, major rivers, and states and their capitals are also included in the syllabus.

The Junior Category (Class 5-8) deepens this understanding. In addition to the primary level syllabus, it explores concepts of physical geography, resources and their types, climate and weather phenomena, natural and man-made disasters, Indian and World heritage sites, and structure of the Earth.

The senior category (Class 9-12) emphasises conceptual comprehension of topics ranging from climatic regions, Biogeography, economic geography, maps and their interpretations.

The senior-level syllabus also builds upon the previous levels, with a comprehensive understanding of population studies, urbanisation, and industrialization, principles of ecology, world resources, world economics, and current geographical issues. It also expands to understanding the inter-relationship between human activity and the natural environment.

Considering the diverse nature of geographical studies, students are advised to use various learning resources, including textbooks, newspapers, magazines, documentaries, digital media, and research papers for thorough preparation.

Considering the dynamic nature of geography and its real-time application, the syllabus stimulates the students to not only learn about geographical conditions but also to comprehend its role and impact on cultural, economic, and political scenarios globally.

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Geo Genius Olympiad awards

Level 1

School Rank 1 in Category

Gold Medal + Merit Certificate

School Rank 2 in Category

Silver Medal + Merit Certificate

School Rank 3 in Category

Bronze Medal + Merit Certificate

All other participating students

Merit Certificate / Participation Certificate

Level 2

The meritorious students selected for level 2 will be awarded ‘A Medal of Achievement’ along with ‘A Certificate of Appreciation’. The level 2 awards are as below:

National Rank 1 in Category

Laptop + Gold Medal + National Finalist Trophy + Merit Certificate

National Rank 2 in Category

Tablet + Silver Medal + National Finalist Trophy + Merit Certificate

National Rank 3 in Category

Watch + Bronze Medal + National Finalist Trophy + Merit Certificate

All other participating students

National Finalist Trophy + Merit Certificate

Level 3

Five winners from each category will be suitably awarded, which includes a trophy and a cash award of Rs. 5000 to the first-place winner. The trophy, and a cash award of Rs. 2500 to the second, third, fourth and fifth place winners, respectively, will be awarded in all three categories.

The other ten participants from all three categories will be awarded a certificate of recognition and a cash award of Rs. 1100 each.

Four senior category winners will represent India in the International Geography Olympiad. They will be trained by geography experts online and no fee will be charged to the students for the preparatory classes.

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At EuroSchool we believe that the Geo Genius Olympiad is an impactful platform for young geography enthusiasts across the globe. We encourage our students to participate in this unique learning experience, ensuring that they not only foster a lifelong passion for the subject, they also develop a deeper understanding of our beautiful planet.

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