Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Children Healthy This Summer

summer health tips


The Summer season is here and kids are done with their academic year. It is time for them to have their summer break and some fun! Summer in India mostly begins in March and stays until June. Although there is no exact timing and duration of any season these days and it varies depending on the region, during summertime, the weather can be extremely hot and dry. This is when everyone looks for some summer health tips to keep themselves and their children safe from the heat.

Summer vacation is the time of the year when children of all age groups like to unwind from their normal academic schedules and engage in activities that are fun. The hot and dry climate during the summers can be tough for many people, especially kids and it is important to stay safe and take proper measures against heat-related illnesses. We have put together some summer health tips for students to help them enjoy their summer holidays.

10 Healthy Tips for Summer

Here are some healthy tips for summer that we have picked for you.

  1. Stay hydrated: Dehydration is a common problem during summer, especially when the temperature is high. Staying hydrated by consuming enough quantity of water and other liquids can help prevent dehydration and the health problems associated with it. Parents must ensure their child drinks plenty of water throughout the day. If your child does not like plain water, try adding fresh fruit, like lemon or strawberries, for a natural and flavourful twist.
  1. Wear sunscreen: Sunburn and skin damage are also common problems during summer, particularly when children spend long hours outdoors. Using sunscreen and wearing appropriate clothing can help block sunburn and skin damage. Sunscreen is necessary for protecting your child’s skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to your child’s skin 15-30 minutes before they go outside.
  1. Be active: Summer is a very good time for children to step out for physical activities and sports. It is the perfect time for outdoor activities. Motivate your child to stay active and fit by participating in such activities. Being engaged in continuous physical activity can refresh your child’s mood, make their bones and muscles stronger, and improve their overall health.
  1. Eat healthy: Eating healthy foods and staying active can help boost the immune system, which can help protect children against various infections and diseases. A balanced and healthy diet is essential for maintaining good health during summer. Provide your child with balanced and nutritious food that consists of healthy snacks, fresh fruits, plenty of liquids, raw vegetables, yoghurt, or nuts.
  1. Limit screen time: Summer is a great time for your child to disconnect from screens and engage in other activities. Set limits on your child’s screen time, including TV, video games, and electronic devices. Limiting screen time for kids can have significant benefits for their physical and mental health. By reducing their screen time, kids can become more physically active and develop healthier habits that can last a lifetime.
  1. Stay cool: Children are more susceptible to heat exhaustion or heat stroke than adults, so it is essential to keep them cool and comfortable in hot weather. Dress your child in light-coloured, lightweight clothing made of breathable fabrics, like cotton. Let them play in shade and encourage them to rest in a cool, air-conditioned space if they feel overheated. By prioritizing their comfort and taking steps to stay cool during the summer months, kids can enjoy all the benefits of the season without putting their health at risk.
  1. Practice good hygiene: Summer is a time for outdoor activities, which means your child may come into contact with dirt, germs, and bacteria. Encourage your child to wash their hands frequently and properly, especially after playing outside or using the restroom. Teach your child basic hygiene methods like covering their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and avoiding sharing their utensils with other kids. Parents can help their kids stay healthy and happy throughout the year by making good hygiene a priority.
  1. Get enough sleep: Good sleep is essential for children’s growth and development. Set a regular bedtime and limit screen time before bed to promote healthy sleep habits. During the summer months, parents can help their kids establish healthy sleep habits by creating a calm, cool and comfortable sleep environment and promoting relaxation before bedtime. By prioritizing sleep, parents can help their kids enjoy all the benefits of summer without being stressed about their health and well-being.
  1. Stay safe: This is one of the most important summer health tips. Summer activities come with some risks, like drowning, bike accidents, or insect bites. Teach your child about water and bike safety, and any other important safety tips that can help them be safe during these summer activities. Ensure your child wears a helmet when biking, wears a life jacket when swimming or boating, and uses insect repellent to avoid bug bites.
  1. Have fun: Finally, summer is a time for fun and adventure. Encourage your child to have fun and enjoy the summers by spending time with near and dear ones. Plan some fun and enjoyable activities with your child and make sure that they explore some new skills and interests that they will enjoy. It is also important to make sure that children stay safe during their summer activities by giving appropriate supervision and guidance.


At EuroSchool, we understand that keeping children healthy during the summer is crucial for their well-being and enjoyment of the season. Hence, we have put together this article to give some handy summer health tips for students. Encouraging regular exercise, providing a healthy and balanced diet, ensuring adequate hydration and practising sun safety are important steps to maintain good physical health. Additionally, promoting mental health by encouraging social connections, limiting screen time, and providing opportunities for relaxation and stress reduction can also help children maintain overall well-being. By following these healthy tips for summer, parents and caregivers can help their children enjoy a healthy and happy summer.

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