What Are the Different Languages in India?

indian languages

  1. Hindi
  2. Hindi is the most talked about language in India. It comes from an old language called Sanskrit. People in the north and middle of India use it a lot, and it’s the official language of the Indian government. Hindi has lots of cool stories and poems from a long time ago, like from guys named Tulsidas and Kabir, and also from more recent writers like Premchand. You can hear a lot of Hindi in Bollywood movies too, which makes it even more popular. Hindi is written in a special way called the Devanagari script, which is easy to read once you learn it.

  3. Bengali
  4. Bengali, or Bangla, is a language lots of people speak in the eastern parts of India like West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam. It’s the second most spoken language in India and the main language in Bangladesh. Bengali has lots of amazing stories and poems, and one of the most famous writers is Rabindranath Tagore, who won a big prize called the Nobel Prize. The language sounds really nice when people speak it and is written in the Bengali script, which looks a bit like the script used for Hindi. Bengali books, songs, and movies are really important and have helped shape Indian culture.

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  5. Telugu
  6. Telugu is the main language people speak in the southeastern parts of India, like in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It’s a really old and special language, and people say it sounds like music, just like how Italian sounds pretty! Telugu has its own cool-looking writing, which you can see in old, important books and writings on stones. There’s also a big movie place called Tollywood where they make lots of fun and famous movies. If you learn Telugu, you can understand lots of neat stories and history from that part of India.

  7. Marathi
  8. Marathi is the language people speak in Maharashtra. It’s a really old language, from way back in the 13th century! Marathi uses the Devanagari script, which looks like cool squiggly lines. It’s known for being very rich and expressive, kind of like when you paint with lots of colors. Marathi is important in books, plays, and movies. Famous people who wrote in Marathi include a poet named Tukaram and a modern writer called P.L. Deshpande. Marathi is super important in the culture and life of Maharashtra, helping shape art and how people talk to each other every day.

  9. Tamil
  10. Tamil is a super old language, one of the oldest in the whole world, and it’s been around for more than 2,000 years! People mostly speak Tamil in a place called Tamil Nadu and also in Puducherry. There’s lots of cool stories and poems in Tamil, some really old ones from a long, long time ago called Sangam literature, and also new ones. Tamil has its own special way of writing that looks really neat and fancy. People use this writing in books, on TV, and when they talk every day. There’s also Tamil movies, called Kollywood, that are really famous and lots of people love them.

  11. Gujarati
  12. Gujarati is a special language people speak mostly in Gujarat, a place in the west of India. It has lots of cool stories and poems, and famous people like Mahatma Gandhi and a poet named Narsinh Mehta spoke it. Gujarati has its own way of writing, which looks a bit like another script called Devanagari but is different. People use Gujarati a lot in business and trading because Gujarat is really good at these things. There are also fun songs, plays, and books in Gujarati that make the culture very colorful and lively. Learning Gujarati helps you understand the fun traditions and smart business ideas from Gujarat!

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  13. Urdu
  14. Urdu is a cool language that is kind of like Hindi, but it also has bits of Persian, Arabic, and Turkish in it. People in Jammu and Kashmir use it as their main language, and many others speak it too. Urdu is written in a special way called the Perso-Arabic script, which looks really fancy and beautiful.  Lots of people love Urdu because it has amazing poems. Two famous poets are Mirza Ghalib and Allama Iqbal. There are many stories, poems, and smart ideas written in Urdu.

  15. Kannada
  16. Kannada is a special language that people speak in Karnataka. It’s really old, like more than a thousand years, and has lots of amazing stories and books. Kannada has its own way of writing with pretty letters that have changed over a long time. It’s not just for books; people use Kannada in plays and movies too. The movies are called Sandalwood, just like Bollywood but for Kannada films. There are famous writers in Kannada like Kuvempu and U.R. Ananthamurthy who wrote awesome stories. Kannada is super important for the people in Karnataka because it helps them know who they are and where they come from.

  17. Malayalam
  18. Malayalam is a special language that people speak in Kerala, which is a place in the south of India. The letters in Malayalam look really fancy and come from an old script called Grantha. People in Kerala write amazing stories and poems in Malayalam. Some of them are really old, like “Manipravalam,” and others are new and famous all over India. Kerala makes cool movies in Malayalam, and this movie world is called Mollywood. The movies are really good and people love them.

  19. Punjabi
  20. Punjabi is a cool language spoken mainly in Punjab. It’s famous for its fun culture, music, and stories. People write Punjabi using a special alphabet called Gurmukhi, made by Sikh Gurus a long time ago. There are lots of amazing poems and stories in Punjabi, written by awesome poets like Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah. Punjabi music is super catchy, with folk songs and modern tunes that lots of people love, even in other countries! Learning Punjabi helps you understand more about Punjab’s fun culture and traditions.

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  21. Assamese
  22. Assamese is like the special language spoken in the northeastern state called Assam. It’s super cool because it has its own letters that look a bit like the ones in Bengali. People have been writing awesome stories and poems in Assamese for a really long time, even a guy named Srimanta Sankardeva made a super famous book called “Kirtan Ghosa”! Assamese language is like the heart of Assam’s culture. It’s everywhere, in their songs, dances, and even in their drawings and paintings! Movies, books, and news in Assamese are like the stars of Assam’s fun and colorful world!

  23. Sanskrit
  24. Sanskrit is like a super old language from a long time ago in India. People think it’s super special because it’s used in important Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious stuff. It’s written in squiggly letters called Devanagari and has really tricky grammar and sounds. Lots of cool stories and books are written in Sanskrit, like the Vedas, and Upanishads, and big adventures like the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Even though not many people talk it now, Sanskrit is still super important for Indian culture and stuff.

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