Tea Party Ideas for Teens

tea party ideas

Tea parties are an ideal way for people to bond over a hot cup of tea but most teens have probably never experienced the joy of one. They are no longer as much a rite of passage for teens as they used to be.  We have a few tea party ideas for teens that are sure to revive a love for this fast-fading ritual. They can host their very own tea party and make it a regular part of their routine.

Decide on the Party Theme

There are myriad party themes one can go with while thinking of tea party ideas for teens. We have listed a few for you but there are a whole lot more if you browse the Net.

  • You can’t go wrong with an Alice in Wonderland theme which can be set up outdoors. Create a colourful table with vintage teapots, fresh flowers, and oversized chairs. Ask your guests to dress up as their favourite character from the story while the host can play the Mad Hatter.
  • You could also do up the decor in black and red with a Queen of Hearts theme. Use playing cards, giant chess pieces and heart-shaped centrepieces. Serve tea and mini red velvet cakes and play some themed games.
  • A vintage-inspired can never go wrong and you can use your vintage tea set for the occasion or pick up some pieces from a thrift shop. Use a traditional tablecloth, doilies and fresh flowers. Serve traditional snacks with an assortment of hot teas, finger sandwiches and cakes.
  • A fairytale-themed tea party is a wonderful way to get teens to enjoy a tea party. Style your venue as a castle or forest and use soft pastel colours like pink and mauve or powder blue and soft green. Play themed party games like a treasure hunt to find a lost crown or tiara.
  • Go with an under the sea theme and get creative as you create an underwater world. Use shimmery blue and green chiffon fabric, aquatic-themed balloons and other decorations. Create a little beach by putting sand in a kiddie pool with buckets and shovels.
  • If you want to keep it simple, go with a bring your own teacup party theme. Head outside or stay indoors or gather around a kitchen table. Either serve delicious finger foods or go for a potluck where everyone brings food to share.

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Work on the Invites

You could go for tea-themed invitations that list all the details and get them excited to attend. There are a host of invitation card ideas available online and you could go for a vintage or contemporary invite in pastel colours. Soft, delicate illustrations, a floral background with gold accents or a vintage tablecloth with pretty teacups are ideal designs for a tea party invite. You could also ask your guests to dress up a bit for the tea party. Teens get embarrassed if they feel underdressed or overdressed so help them to have a good time by giving them clear guidelines.

Choose the Right Teas

Teens usually aren’t tea drinkers, so this might be a novelty for them. It’s best to offer more than one type of tea to cater to different tastes. Teens typically prefer fruit and herbal teas rather than the traditional black or green teas like Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Assam. Iced tea in various flavours is also a good option as most teens are familiar with it. It’s a good idea to keep a few non-tea options as well such as fresh lemonade or fruit juices and plenty of water with a few slices of lemon, cucumber and orange for a classier experience.

Plan Your Menu

Snacks are a very important part of any tea party with teens. Finger sandwiches are always a good idea but things can be made a bit more exciting for teens. Lots of small goodies, both sweet and savoury, are fun for young guests. Be aware of any dietary requirements that your guests may have and cater to them so that everyone feels welcome. There are a plethora of simple and tasty recipes and tea party ideas available online but you can try out those given below.

  • Finger sandwiches with cucumber, butter or cream cheese, smoked salmon and miniature BLTs are always relished. You can also serve mini grilled cheese, mini burgers, hot dogs or paninis instead.
  • Traditional strawberry cake is both mouth-watering and looks pretty on the table. Any seasonal fruit cake works well.
  • Melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies are delicious.
  • Traditional scones or dark chocolate and cranberry scones are a hot favourite. Serve them with clotted cream, fruit jelly and marmalade.
  • Small slices of tea cakes, cupcakes or mini pastries.
  • Mini eclairs, macaroons and fruit tarts.

Do up your table so that it looks fancy with tiered cake plates and a bit of everything so your guests can sample what they want.

If there are teens who love baking, ask them to bring a plate to share. This makes them feel more involved and lightens your load as well.

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Plan Some Fun Games and Activities

Fun games and activities are the best way to break the ice and get the party going.  The games can be planned according to the theme of the party but these are a few that never fail to keep the teens involved. Depending on the number of guests, one can opt for team-based games.

  • Tossing the Tea Bag: Standing at a distance, guests try to throw their team’s tea bag into a teacup or teapot. The team with the most tea bags in the cup or pot at the end, wins. This Game is quick to organise and makes it easy for everyone to participate.
  • Stack Sugar Cubes: Let your young guests build the highest tower with sugar cubes in teams or solo before the time runs out.
  • Tea Pictionary: Guests draw prompts that are tea-themed for their team to guess. The team with the most correct guesses is the winner.
  • Treasure Hunt: Send the guests on a hunt to find some treasure, with treats hidden along the way. You can make it a challenging and competitive team game.
  • Tea Trivia: this is a great way to learn about the history of tea.
  • Guess the Number of Candies: The teen with the closest guess of the number of candies in the teapot gets to keep the candy and the teapot.
  • Teacup Painting: Get some plain teacups and ask your guests to paint and decorate them as they want. Set out food-safe paints, paintbrushes and stencils and encourage the teens to get creative and carry a lovely memento home with them.

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There is no dearth of tea party ideas for teens with fun games and amazing tea and treats. Plan all the details ahead and watch as they really enjoy themselves while feeling special and all grown up. A tea party is no longer just for the elderly but can be an afternoon full of fun, excitement and bonding for teens. For more information, visit the EuroSchool website and plan a unique event for your children.

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