Top 9 Brain Foods for Studying

Top 9 Brain Foods for Studying

We make memories, it is something that comes very naturally to us. We as humans have the most superior kind of memory compared to other species. We have a very complex organ that helps us hold and cherish these memories. Having it compromised is not an option and hence we must ensure we take utmost care of this organ that works consciously and subconsciously, that is our brain. We are here today to learn about brain foods, food that helps us maintain brain health as well as boost our memory.

Why is it important to take care of brain health? Firstly the brain is a very valuable organ and it controls a lot that you do in a day. So keeping it healthy will ensure your daily routine is not disrupted. Simple tasks like communication and being useful all depend on the brain. Using different body parts depends on the command given by the brain, your decision making ability and problem solving skills are controlled and entirely depend on the brain. Hence it is important to ensure brain foods are consumed.

Brain food for students is also very important because research has proven a good diet and nutritious food improved a learner’s concentration. It improves the ability to pay attention. Ensuring children are given the right kind of brain foods for exams, helps to enhance their memory and concentration which in return helps with better results.

Problem solving becomes easier with brain food for students. Ensuring a good diet for students will help them remain active and make it easier to achieve their goals. These brain food for children help to recall easily and comprehend facts, this helps students with their overall curriculum.

The reason to provide nutritious brain food for students is to ensure their brain has the required protective brain cells which help avoid any development of disease. Brain foods are rich in antioxidants and healthy fats that improve brain cell growth. It provides every child the needed vitamins and minerals for a healthy brain.

So why do you think brain food for studying is important? When brain food for students is given, it enhances concentration and grasping ability. So when consumed while studying it helps them be attentive and active, and also aids sharp memory. So, what should we include in the diet for students that will help enhance their overall brain health? Studies that have been done on brain food have made a list of food items that should be included in the diet for students.

Dairy & Soy: The list includes dairy products and soy products. Dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, milk, one can consume lactose free milk as well, if allergic. These can be great brain food for studying. However the list does not include dairy products that have less calcium, or have high fat content. These products include all types of cream, for example sour cream and cheese cream.

Soy products have recently become known but have always been around as a superfood product. Soy milk is a vegan alternative to dairy milk and is a good replacement in terms of nutritional values. Soy foods have a proven study to have improved memory. Hence being a super food and good vegan alternative to dairy products as brain food for exams. The study proved to have enhanced both, short term and long term memory.

Meat, Fish & Poultry: Other brain foods to be included in the diet for students are meat, fish and poultry. These are the best kind of brain foods for exams, as they contain high amounts of protein, making it a great brain food. Fish and lean meat topping the charts as super foods. Protein is the nutrient that helps the brain communicate with the rest of the body. It also helps improve mood, keeping children happy and active. This nutrient in these brain foods make children’s memory sharp and improve their overall performance.

Seeds & Nuts: Other super brain foods include seeds and nuts, as well as legumes. Let’s talk about seeds and nuts first. You will be astonished to know how seeds and nuts help brain food for studying. It helps sharpen a learner’s mind, it is like fuel to the brain. For years we have known the benefits of seeds, let’s see what type of seeds should be consumed as brain foods for exams.

Seeds such as pumpkin seeds also known as pepitas, are best known for brain health as they contain zinc, magnesium, copper as well as iron. This makes it a great brain food for studying. On the other hand you have sunflower seeds, these seeds contain vitamin B6, and this also improves concentration and boosts memory just like all other brain foods. You have other seeds such as flax seeds which are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Similarly you have chia seeds and hemp seeds, all considered as great brain foods.

There are several nuts, which are considered as great brain food for studying. Nuts such as macadamias, majorly grown in Hawaii but this nut originated from Australia. The consumption of almonds and pistachios is often a recommendation from grandparents. This only proves how many generations have been benefiting from these nuts. Almonds are definitely considered a great brain food for studying, as well as pistachios help in preserving the fatty acids obtained from nuts and seeds.

Legumes & Berries: Last but not the least, legumes have come down generations and are used in multiple dishes. Legumes are basically lentils, beans and peas. This brain food is very low in fats and very high in fiber. Legumes can be used by vegans and vegetarians as a substitute to meat and fish. These legumes are considered a great source of protein. A very pocket friendly and healthy brain food that can be added in the diet for students. Most of the berries are rich in antioxidants, fiber and vitamins, which improves memory retention which is very essential for students.

We at EuroSchool ensure our students know and understand the value of these super brain foods. We emphasize on the intake and urge parents and guardians to make it a healthy habit in the family and our community by adding this to the daily diet for students.

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