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10 unconventional careers for a bright future!


Decades ago, there was a time when a safe and secure government job was the most coveted career option. Government servants enjoyed a secure career, monthly salary, other benefits, and a pension post-retirement. Life was easy too. The government servants enjoyed immense respect and envy in society. Then, as time passed, careers in engineering, medicine, and civil services started to assume importance. Every parent wanted their child to be an engineer, doctor, or an IAS officer. As we have entered a digitally charged era, career options seem to have exploded. Today’s children are no longer limited to engineering, medical and civil services to make a bright future. Today’s generation is exploring unconventional careers as YouTubers, Social Media influencers, Travel bloggers, Food bloggers, vloggers, Standup comedians, and many more.

Let’s look at 10 such unconventional professions with an extremely bright future for kids.


The popularity of video-based platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok gave birth to another unconventional and well-paying career – YouTuber. If you are into videos, love creating and editing videos, and create graphical content, then YouTubing as a career might be an unconventional career option for you. As per reports, successful YouTubers make a lot of money too. You get to be your boss, do what you love, and still earn a potful of money. It does not require any prior degrees, not many investments, and you don’t need to have much prior experience as well. The world’s highest-earning YouTubers, as per reports, are a couple of five-year-olds Taytum Fisher and Oakley Fisher. Their net worth is already reported to be more than $ 1 million. They have close to 5 million subscribers on YouTube.


If creative writing and expression are your things, then you can explore blogging as a creative career. Within blogging, you can further explore your preferred niches such as food blogging, wildlife blogging, travel blogging, etc. With the increasing screen times and internet penetration, content consumption on the internet has skyrocketed. This has made bloggers a much sought-after unconventional career that pays well too.

Films and Web series maker

The OTT revolution accelerated during COVID resulting in almost every house having an OTT subscription, whether Netflix, or Amazon Prime, etc. Making short films or web series suddenly became accessible to anyone. You don’t need to be a big movie star or a big production house or even have deep pockets to pursue your passion for filmmaking. If script writing, cinematography, acting, or directing is your thing, then filmmaking could be one of the unconventional careers for you that also pays well enough.

Social Media Influencer

Gone are the days when only movie stars and cricketers made a career out of influencing customers to buy various brands. In today’s hyper-personalised and hyperlocal world of micro-influencing, even if you have a few thousand followers you can start making some money based on your content. An average social media influencer in India having 5,000-10,000 can earn ₹6,000 to ₹10,000 per month easily. Those who have 50k to 100k followers stand to make as much as ₹10,000 per sponsored post. If you have more than 500,000 followers, you can easily make ₹100,000 per sponsored post.

Web Designer

As per some estimates, there are over 1 billion websites on the internet. Over half a million new websites are added to the internet every day. Additionally, there are over seven million mobile applications today on Android and iOS platforms. Just the Google Play store adds close to four thousand new mobile apps every day. For almost everything we do today, there is a mobile app or a website. This makes web and mobile application design an extremely lucrative profession. Digital penetration is still growing and there is significant headroom for long-term growth. Websites and mobile apps are only going to increase in the future. This makes web and mobile app designers an extremely lucrative unconventional career with the potential to pay well.

Video Game Developer

Video games are another field which has seen exponential growth in the last decade. Remember Pokémon Go? It took them just 19 days to gain 50 million subscribers. The craze for video games is going through the roof. This makes video game developers one of the most attractive of unconventional careers. The global video game industry was estimated to be worth USD 195.65 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 220.79 billion by 2022. So, if your kids are obsessed with video games, don’t fret, introduce them to this extremely lucrative unconventional career option.

Art Therapist

As life is getting tougher, hectic, and fast-paced, mental health issues are on the rise. The good thing is that society has started to take mental health seriously and it’s no more considered a stigma. This acceptance has led to a surge in demand for mental health therapists who can help individuals going through stress, depression, anxiety and other kinds of mental health issues. New niches are emerging in this field as experts are choosing various art forms such as art and music as a means for therapy. If you are into any art form, you can explore its therapeutic powers and make an extremely lucrative career in this field. It is a highly paid profession as most top corporations and industries are warming up to the efficacy of art as a therapeutic medium to ease daily workplace stress.


Being a cook used to be looked down upon as a rundown career. With the popularity gained by the popular TV series Master Chef, this unconventional career has picked up pace as well. Cooking has been widely accepted as an art – culinary art. There are schools and courses all over the world that teach culinary art. All top hotels and restaurants hire chefs at hefty salaries. If food is your thing, then consider an unconventional career as a chef.


Politics has been a much-maligned profession for centuries. As a result, it has been dominated by dynastic bastions. There is a widespread belief that politics is not for regular people. As a result, politics today is full of either dynastic families, criminal elements, or rich businesspersons who possess greed for power. As a result, governance takes a backseat. We all complain and crib about corruption, poor development, etc. but still, our youngsters don’t even think of politics as a career. Some of the noblest of souls have been politicians who attempted to clean up the system and institute good governance. Politics as a career might be difficult but could be extremely satisfying due to the scale of impact you can make in politics. It is extremely well paid as well, including all the government perks you get as a Member of Parliament or legislative assembly.

Ethical Hacker

We have always seen hackers as bad people who misuse their skills in programming to cause damage. However, if you are into computers and programming and want to do good with them, ethical hacking could be your thing. Use your programming skills for the good and help make positive contributions to the world. Ethical hackers are much in demand by governments to help them fight against other hackers who pose a danger to government systems, and even digitally hunt down terrorist movements.

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