Understanding Vedic Maths & its Usage for Beginners

vedic maths for beginners

Vedic Maths is a powerful system of mathematical techniques derived from ancient Indian scriptures that enables efficient and accurate problem solving. Vedic Mathematics encompasses a wide range of techniques that simplify complex calculations and provide alternative approaches to conventional methods. By utilising these methods, individuals can improve their speed, accuracy, and mental agility when dealing with numbers. Let’s delve into importnce of Vedic Mathematics.

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Importance of Vedic Maths

Vedic maths holds immense importance due to its unique, innovative approach towards mathematical problems. Its versatility lies in its ability to simplify not just simple arithmetic but also complex branches of maths such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus. Here are some importance of vedic maths

  1. Making Mathematics Fun and Interesting
  2. One of the most significant attributes of Vedic maths is that it changes the way we perceive mathematics. Instead of viewing maths as a challenging, stressful subject, Vedic maths enables us to see it as a fun, interesting, and interactive field. It brings out the playfulness in numbers and calculations, taking away the dread associated with the subject.

  3. A Boost to Mental Agility
  4. Vedic maths isn’t just about learning a new way to calculate; it also contributes significantly to cognitive development. It enhances your brain’s functioning, promoting logical thinking, improving memory, and boosting mental agility. In a world where mental sharpness is key, Vedic maths provides an excellent workout for your brain.

  5. Enhancing Calculation Speed
  6. Imagine being able to perform complex calculations in your head within seconds. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, with Vedic maths, this dream can become a reality. It offers efficient techniques and strategies that can drastically increase your calculation speed, a boon for students and professionals alike.

  7. Applications Beyond the Classroom
  8. Vedic mathematics is significant for reasons other than scholastic achievement. Its applications go beyond the workplace and assist us with daily tasks like budgeting, budgeting, baking, and shopping by allowing us to make quick calculations. Vedic mathematics can also be an effective tool in professions like engineering, banking, and research where complex calculations are commonplace.

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Vedic maths for beginners

The journey into Vedic maths begins with understanding the fundamental concepts. It revolves around 16 sutras, or aphorisms, each of which provides a unique approach to mathematical calculations. Becoming familiar with these sutras is your first step towards mastering Vedic maths.

Beginners can start their Vedic maths journey by exploring its techniques for simple arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For instance, the “All from 9 and the last from 10” sutra simplifies subtraction, especially when subtracting from larger numbers. Once you’re comfortable with basic arithmetic, you can move on to more complex areas of maths, such as algebra, geometry, and even calculus. Vedic maths offers simplified approaches to these subjects too, turning even the most complex mathematical problems into manageable tasks.

There are numerous resources available to assist in learning Vedic maths. From books such as “Vedic Mathematics for All Ages” to online courses and apps, these resources can provide step-by-step guidance and practice problems to help hone your skills.

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Use of vedic maths for children

Incorporating Vedic maths into a child’s daily routine can greatly simplify their approach to numbers and calculation. Not only does it make maths more accessible, but it also enhances problem-solving skills, turning mathematics into an enjoyable adventure. Let’s look at some practical examples.

  1. In Schoolwork
  2. Vedic maths can be a lifesaver when it comes to schoolwork. It can help children quickly solve homework problems or prepare for exams. Whether it’s multiplication, division, or even complex algebra, Vedic maths techniques can help simplify these tasks, reducing the time and stress associated with them.

  3. In Play and Games
  4. Maths isn’t restricted to the classroom; it’s a part of many games and activities children enjoy. Vedic maths can be used to quickly tally scores or solve puzzles in various games, turning playtime into an enjoyable learning experience.

  5. In Time Management
  6. Vedic maths can also aid in understanding and managing time. For instance, children can use it to calculate how much time they have left for play after completing their homework, or to determine how many minutes they have  spent on a particular activity.

  7. In Money Management
  8. Learning how to handle money is a valuable life skill. With Vedic maths, children can easily calculate the change they should get after a purchase or understand how much they need to save to buy a desired toy. This can be a stepping stone to better financial understanding and responsibility.

  9. In Day-to-Day Activities
  10. Even routine activities like setting the dinner table can involve maths. Vedic maths can help children calculate how many plates are needed if some friends come over, or how many apples are left after they have  eaten one.

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Benefits of Vedic Maths

Vedic maths, a unique approach to mathematical calculations, brings with it a host of benefits. It’s more than just a set of techniques for solving maths problems; it’s a new way of thinking about and understanding maths.

  1. Simplifies Complex Calculations
  2. The most immediate benefit of Vedic maths is the simplification of complex calculations. From arithmetic to algebra, the techniques of Vedic maths can break down seemingly intimidating problems into manageable parts, making the process of solving them much simpler and more intuitive.

  3. Improves Speed and Accuracy
  4. With practice, Vedic maths can dramatically improve your speed of calculation. It can allow you to perform even complex calculations in your head, reducing reliance on calculators and enhancing mental agility. This, in turn, can lead to increased accuracy as the intuitive principles of Vedic maths reduce the chance of making errors.

  5. Enhances Cognitive Skills
  6. Vedic maths isn’t just about learning new calculation techniques. It’s also an excellent workout for the brain. It can improve memory, concentration, and overall cognitive function, making it a valuable tool for mental development.

  7. Boosts Confidence and Interest in Maths
  8. Maths can be a challenging subject for many, often leading to a lack of confidence and interest. However, the fun and interactive nature of Vedic maths can change this perspective. It can make maths less daunting and more engaging, fostering a greater sense of confidence and curiosity about the subject.

  9. Applicable in Daily Life
  10. The techniques of Vedic maths aren’t just useful for academic or professional purposes; they also have practical applications in daily life. Whether you’re budgeting your expenses, calculating discounts, or planning a project, Vedic maths can help you navigate these tasks with ease.

  11. Helps in Competitive Exams
  12. Many competitive exams have sections dedicated to numerical ability or quantitative aptitude. Vedic maths, with its quick calculation techniques, can be a powerful tool in solving these problems swiftly and correctly, increasing your chances of success.

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